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Write an Impressive Conclusion in IELTS Writing Task 2

Hey aspirants! In the last segment, we have shared some valuable tactics and tricks to write an impressive and engaging introduction, to begin with your topic. Now, to maintain the continuity and assist the IELTS aspirants to write a remarkable conclusion, we have come up with another blog for a conclusion part.

Just like beginning the essay with outstanding pointers is essential, in the same manner concluding the essay while emphasizing on the substantial pointers is absolutely pivotal to give your essay a sense of closure.


If your introduction and conclusion part is strong enough, then it will definitely make an optimistic impact on the reader or examiner. Hence, to write an effective and impressive conclusion, here are some tactics and strategies, which you definitely need to follow.

  1. Refer your Introductory Paragraph

Before you begin writing with a conclusion part in writing task 2, you should refer to your introductory paragraph. As introduction and Conclusion of an essay, article or blog should be cognate to each other, therefore, try to connect your conclusion according to your introduction along with some insight and precise information to conclude the body of your essay.

  1. Value your Opinion

If you have any valuable and knowledgeable opinion or views regarding the topic, then don’t hesitate to share them. Your opinion while writing an essay is what matters the most for the examiner or reader to evaluate your thoughts and views. In writing task 2 essay, it is crucial to realize the value of your own opinions concerning the topic and how to put them in words in an effectual manner.

  1. Avoid Recurrence of Thoughts

While framing your concluding paragraph, it is imperative to remember that there should be no recurrence of the same words again. The language that you will use in the conclusion of the body of the essay should be refreshing and if there’s any recurrence of the same words or same sentence structure, then it can negatively impact your IELTS writing task 2. Therefore, usage of the appropriate synonyms and grammatical sentence structure should be done in a unique manner to write an impressive conclusion. 

  1. Conclude in Main Arguments

In the introduction part of your essay, you must have elicited some main arguments, right? Thus, summarizing your conclusion by providing insight, but precise information is absolutely essential by talking around only on those arguments. In addition, you have to give information which supports your arguments in the concluding part. Not to mention it, in the concluding segment of the essay, do not raise/introduce any other argument or idea.

To conclude, these were some of the substantial tactics or strategies to write an impressive and effective conclusion. Alternatively, you can contact the best IELTS institute in Delhi that is Seek Academy, which provides highly skilled and professional educators and trainers to qualify your IELTS exam. At Seek Academy, the trainers work hard along with the aspirants to educate and train them in an effective manner to clear their IELTS exam with a higher band score.

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