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How to Score in PTE Writing Essay Vocabulary Task

In the PTE writing task, vocabulary is an essential requirement. You will be provided with 20 minutes only to write an impressive essay. To impress the examiner, you have to make sure that while writing expressions, structure and vocabulary matters a lot.

Many times, you have to write the primary statement in the essay to validate your opinion or point of view and for that vocabulary should be accurate. To write the same statement without modifying its meaning but expressing the same emotions can only be done through strong vocabulary!


To score higher in your PTE essay writing task, you should know about the right linking words to make your essay readable and coherent in structure for the examiner. The examiner expects from the candidates good and bit of unusual vocabulary, which manifests the clarity in writing along with the diversity.

Now, to get 6 out of 6 in PTE essay writing task, first of all, it is essential to know how examiner evaluates your performance in the essay writing task. Here is the insight!

  1. Content is for 3 points.
  2. There is a word limit of 200 to 300, which is a basic requirement as per the rules is for 2 points.
  3. Grammar Part is for 2 points.
  4. Coherence and structure for 2 points.
  5. Range in linguistics for 2 points.
  6. Spelling for 2 points.
  7. Diversity in vocabulary is again for 2 points.

Now, you must be aware about the scoring pattern in PTE writing task, thus here are some of the valuable tips that what the requirements in the vocabulary section are!

Range in Linguistic

As you are planning to give PTE exam, then expectedly you must be preparing for it too, right? Well, in your preparation schedule, please make sure that you start writing essays on different topics to convey your views and opinions precisely.

You have to practice to give more emphasis on ideas and expressions. Without making any uncertainty, you should know how you will express your opinion in the essay.  

Range in Vocabulary

Well, as this entire blog is about vocabulary, then you must not forget to prepare for the vocabulary part. The linguistic is used to focus on the expressions and emotions. On the other hand, vocabulary in writing is used to say things but in a different language.

To master the vocabulary, learn to use the formal as well informal style and juggle in between both!


Perfect spelling is always expected from the PTE candidates. Even if unintentionally you misspell the word, then it will cost you 2 points. Therefore, don’t just learn new words but also make sure how to write it without any misspellings.

So, these are the valuable tips to score 6 out of 6 in the PTE essay writing vocabulary part. If you are looking for a coaching institute to join for PTE preparation, then you must get in touch with the experts of Seek Academy.

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