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IELTS Tips and Tricks that you must follow in 2019

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the remarkable and prominent exams to assess the English language proficiency of the budding aspirants.

Of course, it isn’t easy to crack the good band score in the IELTS exam but if you practice continuously, and then it’s definitely not difficult.


There is no minimum score band to qualify the exam but it’s evaluated from band 0 to band 9 and above 6 or 7 is considered as a good band score.

To get a higher band score in your IELTS exam, you must follow the below mentioned tips and tricks.


  1. In the listening test, make sure that you read the questions carefully before the recording or audio starts.
  2. You have to mainly focus or concentrate on the introduction part of the audio recording because all the essential information related to speakers is shared in it.
  3. When listening to the audio recording, you can write down the answers on the question paper. And, once you are completed, you can write the answers on the answer sheet so as to not to miss any question.
  4. While writing the answers on the answer sheet, try to write it in Capital letters to avoid mistakes.  


  1. First of all, read the short paragraphs of 1st and 2nd section because the 3rd section of the reading test is a little bit complex.
  2. Secondly, in this academic test, you just have to understand the crux of the whole paragraph. Thus, don’t waste your time on reading and understanding the entire essay.
  3. While writing your answers in the reading test, you have to ensure that there is no grammatical mistake.
  4. Even the word limit mentioned in the question has its own importance. Hence, don’t exceed the word limit.


  1. The essay should be relevant to the topic that is being asked in the question. Also, make sure that you don’t exceed the word limit of the essay mentioned in the question.
  2. While writing an essay, follow a pattern or a structure and don’t just write random points.
  3. In the IELTS writing exam, candidates usually make spelling and grammar mistakes. Therefore, when you are preparing for the writing exam, please ensure that you practice sample papers.
  4. In the essay, first, start with the introduction, and then mention all the advantages and disadvantages, positive and negative, causes and solutions. Afterwards, sum up the essay in a neutral tone.


  1. In the speaking test, make sure that you fluently talk with the examiner. Without using the fancy words, keep the conversation simple, uncomplicated and grammatically correct.
  2. The speaking test is all about communication. So, yes don’t hesitate and drift apart from the topic when in conversation with the examiner. Always be confident!

To conclude, these are the best tips and tricks that you must follow to crack the IELTS exam. For more information and details about the IELTS exam, you can contact Seek Academy as their expert trainers provide the best IELTS Preparation in Delhi. Seek Academy is a prominent IELTS Coaching in West Delhi, thus take your first demo session and you will get to know yourself.