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Tips for Writing Sub-Test in OET Exam

OET or Occupational English Test is taken by non-native English speakers to get healthcare jobs in countries where English is the native language. This test is taken by different types of Healthcare Professionals looking for careers abroad.


This includes Doctors, Nurses, Radiographers, Dentists, optometrists and many other different types of healthcare professionals. This is an important test and the writing component of this test is difficult for many professionals taking this test.

The following are some of the Tips for writing a sub-test in the OET exam:

Practicing the Writing Component

Writing Component is an important aspect of the test. Generally, a situation is given where the professionals writing the exam have to write a professional letter in their capacity as healthcare professionals. The letter can be a referral letter, a discharge letter or even a letter to a patient. It can also include a letter written by a healthcare professional to a group of people, to an organization or also a letter to other medical professionals about details regarding care, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient.

There are great coaching classes like Seek Academy that provide examples and practice letters to students so that they can practice letter writing as healthcare professionals.

Understanding Medical Cases in English

The writing sub-test component includes letter writing and OET Training in Delhi helps the students understand medical cases that are referenced in the question. This means that in the test, the medical test notes are given and the healthcare professionals are told to write a letter based on the test.

For this type of question, Coaching Classes help OET exam takers understand case notes in English to help them know what type of letter they have to write. Without understanding the case notes, the letter cannot be written accurately.

Pick Out Relevant Information

After understanding the case, coaching classes like Seek Academy help their professional students extract the relevant information from the question. This means that for example the name, gender, age, discharge and admission date, diagnosis, treatment methods, and condition of the patient are some of the types of information that should be written properly in the letter.

Learn Medical Jargon and Abbreviations

To understand writing questions and then solving the writing component effectively it is important to know the medical vocabulary and jargon well in English. Many words are to be known by medical professionals in English which are expected to be known by healthcare professionals but are not known by non-healthcare professionals. OET Exam Preparation also includes learning the different types of abbreviations that are part of the healthcare world.

These English abbreviations like BP for blood pressure and OTC for over the counter, which is expected to be known by healthcare professionals. Learning the Professional Vocabulary in English for the medical profession helps in the writing component of OET.

OET sub-tests for writing can be a great opportunity to improve the OET Scores. The OET test is mandatory for getting jobs in the healthcare profession in many countries and it is an important test for healthcare professionals with jobs abroad to take in India.

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