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How should I prepare for the PTE to get 79+ Marks

Pearson Language Tests are standardized tests for English that are taken by non-native English speakers. The Pearson Test for English or PTE is an English proficiency language test that is endorsed especially by many institutions and universities in Europe. The PTE scores are considered an important factor for many universities that are open for admission for non-native English speakers from countries like India.


The PTE score above 79+ marks is considered as high scores that can get applicants admission into some good universities abroad.

The following are some of the ways in which 79+ marks in PTE can be achieved:

Getting PTE 79+ Score

The PTE 79+ score is considered to be a good score and the applicant is considered to have a superior level of a grasp on the English language. There is a numeric scale from 10 to 90 which is usually seen in test score. Coaching classes like Seek Academy help the applicants get a 79+ score which is ideal for most candidates. The following are some of the tips to get that score:

Getting Top Speaking Score

Speaking scores can be improved by simply learning how to speak English better in regular life. This can be achieved by reading out books and newspapers loud and listening to English language documentaries and even TED Talks. PTE Coaching in Delhi gives students literature that they can practice speaking which helps them improve their speaking skills. It is a good idea not to mimic native accents but speak clearly and improve pronunciation skills.

Writing Scores

Writing includes various types of questions that need to be answered for a good score. This includes improving grammar skills, understanding written text, rearranging text paragraphs, filling in the blanks, and essay writing. Improve vocabulary, improve understanding of the written text and increase typing speed for getting a better writing score in PTE. Seek Academy helps students improve their English essay writing as well as improving the writing scores.

Reading Scores

For getting good reading scores PTE Training in Delhi advises its students to simply practice reading English regularly. Reading news, articles on current affairs, journals and articles on technology and science, will help improve the reading scores. Spending time on understanding paragraphs and individual sentences and how they work together in the paragraph is a good idea.

Listening Scores

The best way to improve listening scores is to listen to news, interviews, TED talks and all the audio literature given by the coaching classes. It is a good idea to listen to English audio and then taking a notebook and writing the sentences down and making sure that it is accurate.

This will help test takers understand whether they are following the language when they listen to it. The practice is extremely important for improving listening scores to get 79+ in PTE.

PTE is a standardized test used by many academic institutions in native English speaking countries. It is important to get 79+ scores in PTE to qualify for top universities and the above- mentioned tips will help get this type of PTE score.

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