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Enhance Your PTE Writing Skills with Journal Prompts

PTE Writing task is absolutely distressing for the candidates. The PTE candidates are expected to write an essay of 200 to 300 words in which they have to think, write and even revise the essay to rectify the grammar and spelling errors. Undoubtedly, it’s a challenging task for the PTE candidates to exhibit their creativity in merely 20 minutes.


If you feel that you are a little weak in the writing segment, then it’s imperative to start focusing on it because essay writing demands creativity, time management, connectivity in paragraphs and some arguments too. Therefore, it becomes essential to enhance your writing skills to impress the PTE examiner with your essay of 300 words. Here are some different kinds of Journal Prompts that will help you to enhance your writing skills.

Now, what are Journal Prompts?

Well, Journal Prompts are the ideas or some simple statements that give candidates a beginning point to start their essay writing along with a proper elaboration. Journal Prompts are undeniably vital and excellent for beginners to write an amazing essay.


  1. Make a list of the places that you want to explore before you turn 50.
  2. Pen down your favorite moments till date and what’s special about them specifically?
  3. What brings you joy and happiness?
  4. What life experiences made you stronger?
  5. What are the tough decisions in your life that you have to take at some point in time?
  6. My life would be different If?
  7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  8. What is your biggest fear in this life?
  9. I would like to confess that?
  10. Your favorite movie character?

 So, these are some of the generic examples of the Journal Prompts that will help you to score well in your PTE writing essay task. These kinds of Journal Prompts have its own benefits, look at them below:

For beginners, these types of statements help them to improve their writing skills along with enhancing the creativity level. Basically, even a simple journal prompt can channelize your imagination.

If you start to practice your writing skills with the Journal Prompts, then it will prove to be beneficial in improving your proficiency level of the English language. Also, it increases your competency level in tandem with the speed.

These types of journal prompts are advantageous in channelizing your thoughts and make it structural.

Therefore, to become a master in English writing to score higher in the PTE exam, then start practicing with the Journal prompts. Otherwise, you can take the PTE Coaching from Seek Academy to write an impactful essay. Seek Academy is a remarkable PTE Institute in Delhi, which provides its students with the best of training and modules to score higher in their PTE exam without any worries. 

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