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What is the Best Strategy for the IELTS Listening Exam?

International English Language Test System tests are known to people from countries all over the world. They are the criteria for admission in top universities of the world and even need for jobs in English speaking countries and also for immigration to these countries.


IELTS has parts or modules which include Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening and it is important to do well in all the aspects of the test.

The following are details of the best strategies to use for the IELTS listening exam:

Understanding the Structure of the Test

The listening test has four parts and it is important to know every type of task that is part of the test. Seek Academy is a leading coaching class that helps test takers strategize and understand this test well. The test taker has to listen to four sections of this test and then answer questions based on what they have just heard.

These sections include a social conversation between two people, a social speech given by one person, a conversation between two people in the educational or training context, and a talk on an academic subject by one person. There are various types of questions that IELTS test takers then answer in written form. Understanding these questions is a strategy to help score well on the test.

Taking Training

Taking the proper training for the IELTS Listening test is very important as the coaching helps in identifying keywords, understanding phrases and also improving the vocabulary in the long run.  The strategy in training for IELTS listening section is to learn to understand the phrases and anchor words while listening to sentences.

It is about predicting the type of questions that will be asked and learning to listen in a targeted way. IELTS Preparation in Delhi helps the students to understand the strategies to be used in listening to give the right written answers to the test.

Listen to English Daily

Practicing is the key to success for tests like IELTS. As more people listen to the English language the better they will understand the language in the long run. Seek Academy is a leading coaching institute for IELTS and they advise their students to listen to English news, movies and English language speeches and lectures to understand the language more effectively.

Spelling and Grammar

There are top IELTS Classes in Delhi that helps students in just improving the overall spelling and grammar aspect of English to avoid mistakes while answering questions in all the modules or sections of the test. Without knowing the proper spellings and grammar even giving the right answers will not help as marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Follow Instructions and Listen Calmly

One of the key strategies for doing well in the IELTS exam especially for listening is to follow guidelines and instructions set by the exam properly. It is important to be confident in this test and a strategy is to calmly listen and make notes in this exam to answer the questions effectively.

The listening exam is a major aspect of the IELTS exam and it is important as mentioned above to simply strategize effectively to do well in the exam.

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