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Tips to Score 90 in PTE Exam

Assuredly, you must be working hard to successfully clear your Person Test of English (PTE) exam. To study abroad or for the immigration PTE tests is one of the essential components for VISA processing. In PTE tests, there are four parts to it that are, reading, writing, speaking and listening.


If you are sniffing out suggestions or tips to clear the PTE exam with 90 score, then here are some expert tips, which will definitely be beneficial to make your PTE preparation a little bit easier.

1 – Get Acquainted with the Format 

Before you begin with the preparation of the PTE exam, it’s crucial to go through the entire format of the PTE exam to encounter the questions without any hassle. In this procedure of getting familiarized with the format of the exam, the self-evaluation of your English language is equally significant. Of course, the questions that are being asked in the PTE exam are quite tricky and complex; however, if you have had an exact idea about the format and questionnaire, then you can score 90 successfully.

2 – Take an Insight to Scoring Procedure

After getting detailed information about the format of the PTE exam, you definitely need to go through the scoring process as well. As there’s negative marking in the PTE exam, therefore, one has to break the scoring guide according to the question structure to effectively clear the exam. Undoubtedly, there will be some sections, which aspirants find it hard to score full marks in it. However, if your preparation is aligned with the scoring guide, then you can certainly score above 90 in the PTE exam.

3 – Practicing the Mock Test Papers

If you are practising the mock test papers on a consistent basis, then you can definitely improve the areas in which you think you are lacking. For every module, there’s a distinct way to prepare such as for reading, skimming and scanning, for speaking, describing the image or recounting the entire lecture and so forth. Hence, every module has to be prepared according to scoring and format structure and only then you will be able to score 90 or above in the PTE exam.

4 – Apply a Reliable Method

If you have already appeared for the PTE exam, then certainly you must have an idea about the entire format and criteria of the exam. Therefore, it’s equally crucial to apply reliable methods while attempting the questions. If you have already an idea about the question, then you can easily attempt the question within the set time frame. Moreover, every aspirant has its own techniques and tactics to crack the question, just make sure that whatever tactic or strategy you apply should be reliable enough.

Apart from these tips, every aspirant is searching for expert trainers to guide them. If you are also looking for it, then you can join Seek Academy, which renders PTE Coaching in Delhi. The experts at Seek academy can assist you in accomplishing your dreams and strengthen your formulas of PTE exam to score 90 or above successfully.

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