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How can I improve my Writing Skills and Speed for the PTE Exam?

Pearson Language Tests conduct the PTE test for the English language and these are standardized tests used to evaluate nonnative English speakers regarding their skills in fluency in the English language. These tests are conducted all over the world to evaluate English fluency and are used by immigration authorities, universities and even employers in English speaking countries.


To get a good score it is important to improve the writing skills and the speed at which the candidates can complete the test also has an impact on the score.

The following are some of the ways to improve writing skills and speed for the PTE exam:

Relevant Content

To improve the writing skills, it is important to know what to write and how much to write in the exam. The exam generally has different types of tests and tasks and it is important to write accurately and in a relevant and concise manner.

Understanding the Type of Questions

There are different types of questions that test takers have to answer in the PTE exam and the students usually take coaching from top institutes like Seek Academy to learn how to answer these questions effectively. There are various types of questions like multiple choice questions, summarizing text questions, fill in the blanks questions, re-order paragraph questions and also essay questions which need to be practiced to improve writing skills.

Vocabulary and Spelling

To improve writing skills in any English exam, it is important to have a strong vocabulary which means that the students have to know the most commonly used words in the English language. Vocabulary means knowing the meaning of the words and this is important to understand the questions and writing the appropriate answers to the questions in the test. PTE Coaching in Delhi helps students improve their vocabulary and also improve their spellings to get a better score.

Essay & Paragraph Structure

To write a sentence in English is easier than to write a coherent and meaningful paragraph and essay. Reputed coaching classes like Seek Academy help students improve their essay and paragraph writing skills by teaching them the structure of essays and paragraphs.

Ways to Improve PTE Exam Speed:

Practice Writing in English

The students need to know how to write in English and be fluent in their thought process in English and their ability to put the right words in the text. Practicing English writing skills at home and in coaching, will help improve speed.

Write Timed Mock Tests

It is always a good idea to take mock tests that are available online and are provided by the top PTE Institute in Delhi. These tests are usually timed and the more tests a student takes the faster they can finish the test. By trying to complete the test in a faster way helps to increase the speed of writing a test.

Writing skills and speed are both very critical in the success of the PTE exam and for the students to get a good score in this exam. It is important to prepare well for an exam like PTE as the score is an important factor for jobs, immigrations, and university admissions.

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