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Tips to Achieve High Score in IELTS Exam


The IELTS listening test is considered by many to be the toughest part of IELTS examinations. It's hard not only due to the character of studying English as another language but also since it's highly academic in contrast to other kinds of listening exercises. 


Here are some following tips: 


In front of the IELTS Listening assessment:

Acclimate yourself with each listening test inquiry type like numerous alternative, coordinating, and marking.

  • All through the IELTS Listening assessment:
  • Tune in to the sound guidelines before each part cautiously. These headings aren't distributed in the test booklet.
  • Peruse the headings from the test booklet cautiously for the number of expressions you need to make the reaction sheet. You should write more information than required else you may lose marks.
  • A timeline of 30 to 60 minutes will be provided for studying, writing the questions and directions.
  • Underline the target keywords from the query.
  • Envision the situation and attempt to forecast the solution.
  • Pay particular attention to negatives.
  • Check your answers all through the 30-second delay period after each fragment.
  • Throughout the 10 minutes, transfer the responses from the exam booklet on to the answer sheet.
  • Guarantee that you have moved all answers on the appropriate response sheet. Don't leave empty spaces even if you don't understand the answer; create your Very Best guess.
  • Ensure that you have utilized appropriate syntactic structure and satisfactory spelling of this term (s) on your reaction. 


  • Ahead of the IELTS Reading test:
  • Read newspapers, magazines, and novels in English. While examining, underline, or feature fundamentally less regular words.
  • On the chance that regardless you don't comprehend the critical of this term instead register it with a word reference.
  • The subjects of the reading passages should be taken care of current affairs frequently.
  • Be acquainted with every Academic or General Training, studying, and test query kind.
  • Practice reading in a period frame.
  • Work on perusing like skimming, examining, and concentrated contemplating.
  • It will be ideal if you read the bearings cautiously all through the test since they may contrast from the ones that you got to know somewhat while rehearsing the test.
  • Underline essential info and create notes from the reading passages in the exam booklet.
  • Gap your time reasonably: you should spend over a minute noting a question and don't have an answer, leave it and move into another inquiry. In case you have time after you answer the remaining items, then you might go back to the unanswered subject.
  • Ensure that you have moved all answers on the appropriate response sheet. Don't leave empty spaces even if you don't understand the question; choose with your very best guess.


  • Analyze each activity carefully and mark the keywords.
  • Ensure to realize that the essay query.
  • Keep an eye on the running time. Leave around every 3 minutes for revising. Writing Task 1 to Task5 takes 5 minutes to change your essay.
  • Don't begin writing your letter along with your essay without going to them. 


  • Practice talking as far as you can.
  • Speak in English along with other students and your colleagues before going into the examination room. It can allow you to change to English more readily. 


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