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How can I improve my Writing Skills and Speed for the PTE Exam?

Pearson Language Tests conduct the PTE test for the English language and these are standardized tests used to evaluate nonnative English speakers regarding their skills in fluency in the English language. These tests are conducted all over the world to evaluate English fluency and are used by immigration authorities, universities and even employers in English speaking countries.


To get a good score it is important to improve the writing skills and the speed at which the candidates can complete the test also has an impact on the score.

The following are some of the ways to improve writing skills and speed for the PTE exam:

Relevant Content

To improve the writing skills, it is important to know what to write and how much to write in the exam. The exam generally has different types of tests and tasks and it is important to write accurately and in a relevant and concise manner.

Understanding the Type of Questions

There are different types of questions that test takers have to answer in the PTE exam and the students usually take coaching from top institutes like Seek Academy to learn how to answer these questions effectively. There are various types of questions like multiple choice questions, summarizing text questions, fill in the blanks questions, re-order paragraph questions and also essay questions which need to be practiced to improve writing skills.

Vocabulary and Spelling

To improve writing skills in any English exam, it is important to have a strong vocabulary which means that the students have to know the most commonly used words in the English language. Vocabulary means knowing the meaning of the words and this is important to understand the questions and writing the appropriate answers to the questions in the test. PTE Coaching in Delhi helps students improve their vocabulary and also improve their spellings to get a better score.

Essay & Paragraph Structure

To write a sentence in English is easier than to write a coherent and meaningful paragraph and essay. Reputed coaching classes like Seek Academy help students improve their essay and paragraph writing skills by teaching them the structure of essays and paragraphs.

Ways to Improve PTE Exam Speed:

Practice Writing in English

The students need to know how to write in English and be fluent in their thought process in English and their ability to put the right words in the text. Practicing English writing skills at home and in coaching, will help improve speed.

Write Timed Mock Tests

It is always a good idea to take mock tests that are available online and are provided by the top PTE Institute in Delhi. These tests are usually timed and the more tests a student takes the faster they can finish the test. By trying to complete the test in a faster way helps to increase the speed of writing a test.

Writing skills and speed are both very critical in the success of the PTE exam and for the students to get a good score in this exam. It is important to prepare well for an exam like PTE as the score is an important factor for jobs, immigrations, and university admissions.

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What is the Best Strategy for the IELTS Listening Exam?

International English Language Test System tests are known to people from countries all over the world. They are the criteria for admission in top universities of the world and even need for jobs in English speaking countries and also for immigration to these countries.


IELTS has parts or modules which include Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening and it is important to do well in all the aspects of the test.

The following are details of the best strategies to use for the IELTS listening exam:

Understanding the Structure of the Test

The listening test has four parts and it is important to know every type of task that is part of the test. Seek Academy is a leading coaching class that helps test takers strategize and understand this test well. The test taker has to listen to four sections of this test and then answer questions based on what they have just heard.

These sections include a social conversation between two people, a social speech given by one person, a conversation between two people in the educational or training context, and a talk on an academic subject by one person. There are various types of questions that IELTS test takers then answer in written form. Understanding these questions is a strategy to help score well on the test.

Taking Training

Taking the proper training for the IELTS Listening test is very important as the coaching helps in identifying keywords, understanding phrases and also improving the vocabulary in the long run.  The strategy in training for IELTS listening section is to learn to understand the phrases and anchor words while listening to sentences.

It is about predicting the type of questions that will be asked and learning to listen in a targeted way. IELTS Preparation in Delhi helps the students to understand the strategies to be used in listening to give the right written answers to the test.

Listen to English Daily

Practicing is the key to success for tests like IELTS. As more people listen to the English language the better they will understand the language in the long run. Seek Academy is a leading coaching institute for IELTS and they advise their students to listen to English news, movies and English language speeches and lectures to understand the language more effectively.

Spelling and Grammar

There are top IELTS Classes in Delhi that helps students in just improving the overall spelling and grammar aspect of English to avoid mistakes while answering questions in all the modules or sections of the test. Without knowing the proper spellings and grammar even giving the right answers will not help as marks will be deducted for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Follow Instructions and Listen Calmly

One of the key strategies for doing well in the IELTS exam especially for listening is to follow guidelines and instructions set by the exam properly. It is important to be confident in this test and a strategy is to calmly listen and make notes in this exam to answer the questions effectively.

The listening exam is a major aspect of the IELTS exam and it is important as mentioned above to simply strategize effectively to do well in the exam.

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Tips for Writing Sub-Test in OET Exam

OET or Occupational English Test is taken by non-native English speakers to get healthcare jobs in countries where English is the native language. This test is taken by different types of Healthcare Professionals looking for careers abroad.


This includes Doctors, Nurses, Radiographers, Dentists, optometrists and many other different types of healthcare professionals. This is an important test and the writing component of this test is difficult for many professionals taking this test.

The following are some of the Tips for writing a sub-test in the OET exam:

Practicing the Writing Component

Writing Component is an important aspect of the test. Generally, a situation is given where the professionals writing the exam have to write a professional letter in their capacity as healthcare professionals. The letter can be a referral letter, a discharge letter or even a letter to a patient. It can also include a letter written by a healthcare professional to a group of people, to an organization or also a letter to other medical professionals about details regarding care, diagnosis, and treatment of a patient.

There are great coaching classes like Seek Academy that provide examples and practice letters to students so that they can practice letter writing as healthcare professionals.

Understanding Medical Cases in English

The writing sub-test component includes letter writing and OET Training in Delhi helps the students understand medical cases that are referenced in the question. This means that in the test, the medical test notes are given and the healthcare professionals are told to write a letter based on the test.

For this type of question, Coaching Classes help OET exam takers understand case notes in English to help them know what type of letter they have to write. Without understanding the case notes, the letter cannot be written accurately.

Pick Out Relevant Information

After understanding the case, coaching classes like Seek Academy help their professional students extract the relevant information from the question. This means that for example the name, gender, age, discharge and admission date, diagnosis, treatment methods, and condition of the patient are some of the types of information that should be written properly in the letter.

Learn Medical Jargon and Abbreviations

To understand writing questions and then solving the writing component effectively it is important to know the medical vocabulary and jargon well in English. Many words are to be known by medical professionals in English which are expected to be known by healthcare professionals but are not known by non-healthcare professionals. OET Exam Preparation also includes learning the different types of abbreviations that are part of the healthcare world.

These English abbreviations like BP for blood pressure and OTC for over the counter, which is expected to be known by healthcare professionals. Learning the Professional Vocabulary in English for the medical profession helps in the writing component of OET.

OET sub-tests for writing can be a great opportunity to improve the OET Scores. The OET test is mandatory for getting jobs in the healthcare profession in many countries and it is an important test for healthcare professionals with jobs abroad to take in India.

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How should I prepare for the PTE to get 79+ Marks

Pearson Language Tests are standardized tests for English that are taken by non-native English speakers. The Pearson Test for English or PTE is an English proficiency language test that is endorsed especially by many institutions and universities in Europe. The PTE scores are considered an important factor for many universities that are open for admission for non-native English speakers from countries like India.


The PTE score above 79+ marks is considered as high scores that can get applicants admission into some good universities abroad.

The following are some of the ways in which 79+ marks in PTE can be achieved:

Getting PTE 79+ Score

The PTE 79+ score is considered to be a good score and the applicant is considered to have a superior level of a grasp on the English language. There is a numeric scale from 10 to 90 which is usually seen in test score. Coaching classes like Seek Academy help the applicants get a 79+ score which is ideal for most candidates. The following are some of the tips to get that score:

Getting Top Speaking Score

Speaking scores can be improved by simply learning how to speak English better in regular life. This can be achieved by reading out books and newspapers loud and listening to English language documentaries and even TED Talks. PTE Coaching in Delhi gives students literature that they can practice speaking which helps them improve their speaking skills. It is a good idea not to mimic native accents but speak clearly and improve pronunciation skills.

Writing Scores

Writing includes various types of questions that need to be answered for a good score. This includes improving grammar skills, understanding written text, rearranging text paragraphs, filling in the blanks, and essay writing. Improve vocabulary, improve understanding of the written text and increase typing speed for getting a better writing score in PTE. Seek Academy helps students improve their English essay writing as well as improving the writing scores.

Reading Scores

For getting good reading scores PTE Training in Delhi advises its students to simply practice reading English regularly. Reading news, articles on current affairs, journals and articles on technology and science, will help improve the reading scores. Spending time on understanding paragraphs and individual sentences and how they work together in the paragraph is a good idea.

Listening Scores

The best way to improve listening scores is to listen to news, interviews, TED talks and all the audio literature given by the coaching classes. It is a good idea to listen to English audio and then taking a notebook and writing the sentences down and making sure that it is accurate.

This will help test takers understand whether they are following the language when they listen to it. The practice is extremely important for improving listening scores to get 79+ in PTE.

PTE is a standardized test used by many academic institutions in native English speaking countries. It is important to get 79+ scores in PTE to qualify for top universities and the above- mentioned tips will help get this type of PTE score.

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What should one do a Day before your IELTS Exam?

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a standardized test that is used by immigration authorities and educational institutions in native English speaking countries to evaluate the English skills. This test evaluates English language skills of immigrants and students from non-native English speaking countries to assess their grasp on the English language.


Every immigration program and educational institution has a minimum test score needed for the candidate to qualify.

The following are tips for what one should do the day before the IELTS exam:

Studying Tips

Preparation for the IELTS exams usually takes place for a few weeks, sometimes a few months. It is a good idea to be completely prepared the day before the exam. But spending a few hours just revising all the various aspects of the exam is a good idea. IELTS Institute in Delhi helps people understand their strengths and weaknesses regarding this exam and a little study to improve the weakness areas one day before is a smart choice. However, one day before is not the time to study ten hours or throughout the night as last-minute studying does not help much in such an exam.

Eat & Sleep Tips

One of the important aspects of the day before the exams is just getting the everyday routine done in the right way. After getting coaching from great institutes like Seek Academy most people are prepared for the IELTS exam. However, it is important to follow a simple routine the day before the exam. This means that it is always a good idea to have simple meals at the right time the day before the exam. Also, rest is important to be fresh the next day for the exam. Going to bed early and a good night’s sleep is recommended the day before such an exam.

Prepare for the Test Day

Preparing for the test day should happen one day before and not on the morning of the exam. IELTS Preparation in Delhi gets the students prepared academically for the exam. One day before the exam, it is important to prepare the clothes, backpack and necessary items needed for the exam. It is a good idea to choose comfortable clothes for the test one day before itself. Preparing the backpack including pens, pencil erasers, and other stationery items and also it is important to take an ID and other test documents to the testing center.

Take a Break from the Stress

Seek Academy prepares its students well for tests like IELTS. This is an important exam but it is also important for the students not to take unnecessary stress about giving such an exam. It is a smart choice to simply take a break from preparing for the test and spend some time listening to music, watching TV or doing other recreational activities for some time the day before the exam.

The day before the exam is sometimes as important as the IELTS exam day and the above- mentioned tips help students with what they should do a day before such an exam.

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Tips to Achieve High Score in IELTS Exam


The IELTS listening test is considered by many to be the toughest part of IELTS examinations. It's hard not only due to the character of studying English as another language but also since it's highly academic in contrast to other kinds of listening exercises. 


Here are some following tips: 


In front of the IELTS Listening assessment:

Acclimate yourself with each listening test inquiry type like numerous alternative, coordinating, and marking.

  • All through the IELTS Listening assessment:
  • Tune in to the sound guidelines before each part cautiously. These headings aren't distributed in the test booklet.
  • Peruse the headings from the test booklet cautiously for the number of expressions you need to make the reaction sheet. You should write more information than required else you may lose marks.
  • A timeline of 30 to 60 minutes will be provided for studying, writing the questions and directions.
  • Underline the target keywords from the query.
  • Envision the situation and attempt to forecast the solution.
  • Pay particular attention to negatives.
  • Check your answers all through the 30-second delay period after each fragment.
  • Throughout the 10 minutes, transfer the responses from the exam booklet on to the answer sheet.
  • Guarantee that you have moved all answers on the appropriate response sheet. Don't leave empty spaces even if you don't understand the answer; create your Very Best guess.
  • Ensure that you have utilized appropriate syntactic structure and satisfactory spelling of this term (s) on your reaction. 


  • Ahead of the IELTS Reading test:
  • Read newspapers, magazines, and novels in English. While examining, underline, or feature fundamentally less regular words.
  • On the chance that regardless you don't comprehend the critical of this term instead register it with a word reference.
  • The subjects of the reading passages should be taken care of current affairs frequently.
  • Be acquainted with every Academic or General Training, studying, and test query kind.
  • Practice reading in a period frame.
  • Work on perusing like skimming, examining, and concentrated contemplating.
  • It will be ideal if you read the bearings cautiously all through the test since they may contrast from the ones that you got to know somewhat while rehearsing the test.
  • Underline essential info and create notes from the reading passages in the exam booklet.
  • Gap your time reasonably: you should spend over a minute noting a question and don't have an answer, leave it and move into another inquiry. In case you have time after you answer the remaining items, then you might go back to the unanswered subject.
  • Ensure that you have moved all answers on the appropriate response sheet. Don't leave empty spaces even if you don't understand the question; choose with your very best guess.


  • Analyze each activity carefully and mark the keywords.
  • Ensure to realize that the essay query.
  • Keep an eye on the running time. Leave around every 3 minutes for revising. Writing Task 1 to Task5 takes 5 minutes to change your essay.
  • Don't begin writing your letter along with your essay without going to them. 


  • Practice talking as far as you can.
  • Speak in English along with other students and your colleagues before going into the examination room. It can allow you to change to English more readily. 


The Seek Academy offers an unrivaled quality of training for all coaches. We are providing with IELTS Coaching in Delhi and improve your skills.

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How to Position the Microphone in the PTE Exam?


From the PTE-Academic test, the discussion is among the trickiest among the four, especially along these lines for individuals who aren't local speakers of English. On the test day, each test-taker is designed with a pc and headset utilizing a mike. 

Tips to Examine the Mic

Accordingly, the absolute first thing a test-taker needs to do is evaluate the machine and the mic quickly after being allocated. On the off chance that the test-taker discovers, some specialized. Issues with the pc or the mic, at that point. It must be made a go of together with the officials in the test focus with immediate impact.


It's a bad idea to initiate the examination without testing the mic offered to you. Utilize the time provided to you at the start of the test to inspect the mic. 

Talk into the mike and tune into an account to ensure it is catching what you talk appropriately. PTE Institute in Delhi for testing purposes, communicate a whole sentence to the microphone and determine how it captures. Make sure that the mic is shooting no breathing sounds or sounds that are static. It's a great idea to correct it until the time you're delighted with everything you hear.

Her handbag was filled with useless trash. 

These sentences are beneficial in analyzing the language features of communications systems, and also, therefore, they are known as Harvard sentences.

Thus, what would be the technical challenges? When we talk, there are brief explosions of air that develop, especially while articulating plosive sounds. If the mic scatters pops, for example, these as sound at that point, it could get recorded as great words on your Discussing Module answer. 

This position guarantees that the mic is in a place that is sufficiently close to be able to find what's being referenced. However, without recording the breathing clamors. 

Abstain from putting the receiver underneath the nose, since the air inhaled out from the nose and mouth while talking, may get captured. 

For information about the position and also the newest of headphone/microphone employed from the PTE-A test, see the movie.

PTE-A test

Since we're on the theme of PTE Discussing, we additionally need to chat with you about a couple of regular issues or mistakes to stay away. Try not to talk too rapidly, and many confound an exuberant talking rate with familiarity. Slow down and speak at a brisk enough speed so you can articulate the words clearly. 

Abstain from sprinkling your location with filler words such as uhms, when you're endeavoring to think about what you want to talk. Abstain from speaking in the piece, which can be halting and beginning, since this will most likely be considered diffluent discourse. Last yet not least, don't utilize casual or casual wording on your location. 


Many test-takers who do not feel overly confident with their talking skills are worried about the Talking Module. The way to receive in PTE Discussing is a topic of fantastic concern for these test-takers. Seek Academy provides the best PTE Coaching in Delhi

Seek Academy is the Best Coaching Center in Delhi, bringing out the new talents for our nation by providing the best motivation to the exam candidates.

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