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How many questions are there in PTE?

Test goes in this way

Question: Time to Reading the Text Prompt, The duration of every prompt you receive fluctuates depending on the length of the text. The length is measurable in sentences or words. You want to be busy in such a part. 

Prepare for Answer: Time allowed relaxing and thinking, you do not need to answer this question. You receive 10 to 15 minutes to get ready for each segment. About the best way best to answer, you should relax and think.


Time for Action: This could be the time duration where you have to perform. When you write, the replies are listed once you speak, stored as text, and selected in options multiple-choice questions. 

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Speaking & Writing 

Summaries paragraphs that were given, answer questions, and candidates are asked to repeat sentences. On the screen, the applicants can observe a box that is recording, and following a beep or tone, they are requested to speak immediately. 


The Reading department assesses candidates' reading abilities. Evaluation takers run into a group of guidelines to follow along, after which they can answer consequently. 


The listening segment comprises of inquiries fixated on audio. Part 3rd one comprises of inquiries that are founded on a video or sound clasps. Applicants get the opportunity to hear every video or sound clasp just once and are permitted to take notes to allude to. 

Question pattern 

  • Read Aloud (6 - 7 Questions)
  • Repeat Sentence (8 - 10 Questions)
  • Describe Image (6 - 8 Questions)
  • Re-tell Lecture (2 - 3 Questions)
  • Answer Short Question (10 - 12 Questions)
  • Summarize Written Text (2 - 3 Items)
  • Write Essay (1 - 2 Items)
  • Reading Question Types:
  • Multiple-choice, Single Answer (2 - 3 Items)
  • Multiple-choice, Multiple Answers (2 - 3 Items)
  • Re-order Paragraphs (4 - 5 Items)
  • Reading Fill in the Blanks (4 - 5 Items)
  • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks (5 - 6 Items)
  • Listening Question Types:
  • Summarize Spoken Text (2 – 3 items)
  • Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers (2 – 3 items)
  • Fill in the Blanks (2 – 3 items)
  • Highlight Correct Summary (2 – 3 items)
  • Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer (2 – 3 items)
  • Select Missing Word (2 - 3 items)
  • Highlight Incorrect Words (2 - 3 items)
  • Write from Dictation (3 - 4 items)

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