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Most common mistakes in PTE Speaking Exam

Ask PTE teachers training the students at some of the best PTE coaching in Delhi about the factors that lead to the failure in the speaking section of the Pearson Test of English Academic and you will get to know that the lack of confidence among the candidates is the main reason. Well, this is true as even the candidates who have a good command in writing and have commendable knowledge of English language and vocabulary at times fail to get a good score in PTE speaking section.


Common Mistakes in PTE Speaking Exam

And, this further shakes their confidence and faith and becomes a reason for their underperformance in the next PTE exam. Going by the opinion of the experts at Seek Academy, a leading PTE Institute in Delhi who themselves took the PTE exam once and obtained a high score, a majority of students appearing in PTE exam make the common mistakes as discussed below:

  1. Making plosive sounds to improve foreign accent: It’s a common misconception settled in the minds of Indian students that making plosive sounds and stressing unnecessarily during the utterance sounds like a native-like accent. On the contrary, it sounds more like an exaggerated version of native English-speaking practice. Therefore, candidates should speak as neatly and clearly as they can. The PTE speaking test is meant to check your overall command in English and not how native-like you can talk in English.

  2. Consider brisk talking speed a sign of verbal fluency: Well, speaking too fast is considered by a majority of India a good marker of compelling verbal fluency in English. In fact, it is being taught to the students in some of the best PTE coaching in Delhi to slow down while speaking English. Speaking too fast in English only makes one’s speech incomprehensible for the listeners while it can also create confusion for the speaker himself as he is more likely to jumble up the words and mess the sentences in a hurry to speak as fast as possible.

  3. Using filling words such as like and umm repeatedly give one time to speak coherently: Okay, now this is the mistake that many of us make in our day to day life. When we think about some idea or making up the sentences in English in our minds, we utter words such as hmm, umm, like, or something like that over and over again. During the PTE speaking section, this heavy usage of filling words can create real troubles for the candidate and will eventually result in poor PTE score.

    In the opinion of PTE experts at Seek Academy, the PTE institute in Delhi, the candidates should be very conscious of their situation, surroundings, and their language when they speak English because it’s a language proficiency test and not any informal occasion.

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