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How do I Crack the OET Exam in the First Attempt?

The acronym of OET stands for Occupational English Test. This name may be unknown to most of you, but, it has the similar identity with IELTS. The OET may be unknown to the general public, but as the name implies, it is necessary for those who are willing to go to abroad to join any further studies, and job in healthcare.            


OET helps you develop language skills so that you can give the best healthcare service. So, if you are willing to prepare for OET, you must join the best OET Training in Delhi. Seek Academy offers you the best guidance in language skills examinations is it IELTS, OET, and PTE.

Why you need this exam test?

This exam is accepted as an English level accreditation in Australia, New Zealand and in England. In Australia it serves you both to enroll as a nurse in AHPRA, and as a visa, in the UK at the moment it only serves to register with the NMC what is the nursing school that gives you your PIN number, license to work as a nurse.OET was specially developed for twelve medical professions, including nursing.

The exam is done every month in different cities around the world. Payment can be made online, but the price is quite expensive. If you take this as an investment for future, do not waste any more time. Come to Seek Academy, the professional and affordable OET Coaching in Delhi.

How to crack in first attempt?

Listening - Many candidates find listening a challenge as it is quite fast. Also the Australian accent can be difficult to understand, try to listen to podcasts about health, and do the same, take notes, and write the words you do not understand at the same time you hear. You have to prepare the exam in time to be able to increase your English vocabulary.

Writing - The Writing part is different for each medical profession since it is a referral letter. Become familiar with the structure of these cards. The letter must have between 180 or 200 words; this means that you have to choose one of the most relevant facts of the Case Notes. You have to express yourself clearly and concisely.

Speaking - 2 role plays of 5 minutes in which your communication ability is evaluated in a common medical situation. You have five tasks to perform during the role play. You must be able to use common strategies such as asking for information, giving advice, making recommendations, confirming information and empathizing.

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