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Quick Tricks to Improve Pronunciation Skills for IELTS Speaking Task

Hello IELTS aspirants, are you worried about your speaking test? Well, communication is an essential domain of the IELTS Speaking Test. If you are focusing on keeping your accent like a native speaker, then you are absolutely wrong. In the speaking test, you should focus more on delivering your speech in a manner, which should be clearly understood by the examiner and without any hassle.


Basically, there’s an interview session for at least 15 minutes administered by the IELTS examiners to assess the proficiency of the candidate in English Speaking Skills. The candidate has to sit in front of the native speaker and then there will be discussions in twain. The majority of candidates get impatient and anxious before their speaking test.

Thus, it’s absolutely significant to keep in mind some beneficial points to get a good score in the speaking test without getting anxious.

Here are some of the quick tricks to improve your pronunciation skills for IELTS speaking test.

1 – Focus on Clarity of Words/Sentences

The clarity of the words or sentences is the foremost step to improve your pronunciation skills for the speaking test. Yes, if you are saying each and every syllable of the word clearly, then definitely you will make a powerful impact on the examiner. Usually, candidates try to imitate the accent of the native speaker and that’s the major reason for their low scores in speaking test. Your main focus should be speaking every word and every sentence clearly and completely.

2 – Speaking Pace

Of course, every individual has its own speaking style and speed. However, the IELTS examination has some set of rules and regulations to assess and evaluate the English language proficiency of the aspirant, thus you have to abide by the rules. Don’t be too fast or too slow! Try to practice for the speaking test at a speed of 150 words per minute. This speaking pace is absolutely perfect to make your listeners understand what you are speaking.

3 – Word Stress

To improve your pronunciations skills, make sure that you spell the word correctly. To spell the word correctly, your main focus should be on understanding the concept of word stress completely. Here’s an example – How do you spell the word creative? In linguistics, it’s divided as kree-ey-tiv in which the word stress is particularly on ‘ey’ part, right? Try to pronounce the word creative and you will definitely understand the concept of linguistic word stress. Hence, to spell the words or sentences correctly, syllable and word stress have a vital role to play.

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