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How to Start your IELTS Preparation

Are you a beginner? Haven’t attempted any IELTS exam before? Then, this guide will definitely help you to score a higher band in the IELTS exam through different tips and guides for the preparation.


Of course, the entire journey from IELTS preparation till the final attempt is definitely not easy. However, if you follow this guide with the right approach, then you can surely score higher in all the segments of the IELTS exam.

For beginners, it’s quite difficult to start with their IELTS preparation. Therefore, here’s an ultimate guide for those beginners who are searching for solutions and ways to prepare for their exam.

  1. Test Format  

 Before you do anything, just make sure that you get acquainted with the format and structure of the IELTS exam. The listening exam is of 30 minutes and consists of 4 sections in which there are 40 questions asked from the candidate. Afterwards, there is a reading exam, which has a time limit of 60 minutes and consists of 3 sections. The three sections of the reading exam include 40 questions in total.  Then there is a speaking exam of 11 to 14 minutes, which is further divided into three sections. Lastly, there is an academic writing exam of 60 minutes time duration, which includes two major tasks.

  1. Scoring Pattern  

 One you get familiarized with the format of the IELTS test, your next step should be to understand the scoring pattern. From one to nine, the candidates are given a band score measured on a grade scale by the examiners. The one who scores band 8 or 9 is considered as an expert in the English language and can easily survive in a foreign country based on language. From fluency, pronunciation to command over the language, everything is assessed in the IELTS test.

  1. Identify your Level

Now, you are done with the format, structure and scoring pattern of the IELTS exam, right. In this step, it’s essential to identify your level and competency in the English language. It’s absolutely vital to identify, understand and then work upon your weak areas and strengthen your strong seas whether it’s in writing, speaking, listening or reading. Improvement and consistent practice can make you achieve a higher overall band score in the IELTS test. Therefore, analyze your own level honestly and then proceed with enthusiasm to prepare for your exam.

  1. Take help from Tools

In the present scenario, everything is available online. Take advantage of the online course or study materials and modules to study and prepare for your IELTS exam accordingly. From podcasts, blogs to video tutorials, everything is easily accessible online. Otherwise, you can even plan to join an IELTS Coaching institute.

Follow these steps and guides for the preparation of IELTS exam. Alternatively, the best solution is to join the IELTS coaching institute where trainers can guide and direct in the right manner. Seek Academy is one of the prominent and remarkable institutes, which provides IELTS Coaching in Delhi.

The trainers or educators at Seek Academy provide the best IELTS Coaching in West Delhi to their students as they are highly experienced and trained in this field.

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