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Lexical Resources to Score High in IELTS

Do you know that Lexical Resources is essential in IELTS writing and speaking task? The IELTS writing and speaking modules are quite productive as compared to listening and reading because it demands thoughts and ideas of the candidate. However, do you know what Lexical Resources basically are? And, why you need to advance your knowledge in it?

Well, here in this blog all your questions will be answered. Take a look below!

 What are Lexical Resources?

Lexical Resources or Lexis in the language is basically known as a stock of words. In simpler terms, it is also known as Vocabulary. Resources, on the other hand, refer to the variety and range of words. So, when both words are combined, then it states that the range of vocabulary used in writing and speaking in the English language.


Lexical Resources are extremely essential in the IELTS writing and speaking exam as it contributes 25% of the total IELTS writing and speaking score, which is obviously a high percentage. Hence, it is recommended that use a range of vocabulary in your IELTS writing and speaking exam this year to get the desired band score.

 Understand How to Use Lexical Resources

Whether you are speaking or writing, just make sure that you use some unusual and new words to prepare yourself for the IELTS exam. While writing, you have to ensure that there is a connection between every paragraph with some rarely used vocabulary. Now, while speaking along with the vocabulary, fluency and confidence to speak the English language without any hesitation make much difference.

Hence, here are some tips that will help you better understand how to use Lexical Resources in your IELTS writing and speaking tasks.

  1. Ensure that there is no repetition of words as you may lose some marks because of using the same vocab again and again. Nouns, adjectives and verbs should be used appropriately in sentences. Also, if you want to impress the examiner, then don’t keep the words simple. Instead of using ‘growing’ in a sentence, you can also use the word ‘Increasing’ or ‘Burgeoning.’  Choose the words appropriately because that’s what helps in assessing your score.

  2. If you think that you can copy the words exactly from the given task, then you are wrong! It is advised that not to copy the words from the given task whether it’s speaking or writing because that can also negatively impact your performance. Always prefer to use synonyms of the words to frame your own ideas according to the given topic.

  3. Not every word can be paraphrased. Just accept the fact that not every word can be substituted in a sentence. Therefore, it is advised that use the synonym when you are 100% sure, which ultimately leads to the perfect sentence formation. For Example – Rather than using the word ‘Poor’, you can use ‘Mediocre.’ Both the words express the same meaning but mediocre is somewhat unusual as compared to the word poor.

 These are the tips to use lexical resources in an appropriate manner to achieve the desired band score in your IELTS exam. For IELTS Preparation in Delhi, you can contact the expert team of Seek Academy as they provide their students with the best IELTS training.

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