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Tips for IELTS, PTE, and OET Tests

There have been many instances where a person just can’t get a good score in any of the language competitive tests such as IELTS, PTE, and OET, no matter how exceptionally he prepares. The reason is that most of the people are not aware of the right way to perform well in any of these tests. Yes, we are talking about the performance one gives during the examination.

A majority of the test-takers, as Seek Academy, one of the leading OET, PTE, and IELTS Coaching in Delhi, points out, do not know how they should save time during the examination and rightly approach the questions. Knowing the right tactics is the key to crack the examination in one go and therefore, below are a few tips to score high with some of the best life-saving tips.


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One of the biggest advantages of studying in an OET, PTE, and IELTS training institute in Delhi is that you get to know some tricks to answer each of the tricky questions in the exam. One such is to scan the whole paragraph quickly and spotting the correct answers to the questions. Even though you’re supposed to read the comprehensive passages carefully, spending too much of time in understanding it will not be a smart choice.

Therefore, while you read passages, you must look for information that you can include in your answers. One read will enable you to identify which para talks about what. And, you can complete answering all the questions in the relatively shortest period of time.

Many candidates tend to divide their time during the exam in various parts like 20 minutes for passage, etc. According to the experts at Seek Academy, the leading IELTS institute in Delhi, the candidates must watch out their examination time and should strive to save it for the toughest section of the paper. You have 60 minutes in total for this. Giving 20 or 25 minutes to a particular question will not be useful. The problem with this approach is you will lack time if you are to answer the hardest question.

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