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Top Secrets behind IELTS Success

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is intended to find out the level of English proficiency for ESL speakers who seek job or higher study opportunities in an English-speaking country. It's also required when one is simply migrating to an English-speaking nation.

The results of IELTS exam are announced in form of a band score, which varies between 0 and 9. As IELTS exam is divided into 4 tests- reading, writing, speaking, and listening, getting a high score is not that easy because of the high difficulty level and complexity of the exam. But, with right set of study strategies and the comprehensive support from some of the Best IELTS Institutes in Delhi like Seek Academy, the stressful journey of IELTS preparation can be made relaxing.


 In fact, many people who cleared IELTS exam with a score as high as 7 or 8.5 consider a hard core IELTS training in Delhi and right study approach the real secret to success. But, what is the right study approach? What's the way to success? Let's quickly discuss them:

  1. Learn to be concise. According to experts at Seek Academy, one of the leading IELTS Training institutes in Delhi, conciseness in language is the key. Whether it's a speaking test or writing, always keep your sentences short and crisp. Go no beyond than 15 words per sentence.
  2. Cohesion should be the top priority of IELTS aspirants. There should be a proper cohesion between the ideas, paragraphs, and sentences. The flow from one sentence to another should be natural and meaningful. After all, the examiners should easily comprehend that English comes effortlessly natural to you.
  3. Mind the composition and structure of the language, especially when writing essay in the IELTS exam. Correct structure of essays should be kept in mind and the same formula applies to reading comprehension. You must understand the questions asked and answer each of them well, covering all important points.
  4. Move from basic to advance use of English language. Focus on complex sentence structure; learn new complex vocabulary, think of smart and correct use grammar in both spoken and written English. All these things are of immense use when it comes to drafting band 7+ essays.
  5. Develop the habit of reading and practicing. Read as many essays and articles as you can. Analyze their structure and composition for a better understanding. Explore the ways you can give your opinion on a particular topic to add a personal touch to the article.

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