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How to learn framing sentences?

In the world of globalization speaking English has become very important. A lot of people find writing in English much easier than speaking. The main reason behind this is when we have to write something, we have enough time to think and express our thoughts. I have a lot of students who are good in reading, writing, and understanding in English, but when they have to speak English, it is challenging for them. SEEK ACADEMY provides the best English coaching in Delhi provides the best and conclusive experience in learning English.


My dear readers today I am going to share simple and easy tricks to improve your communication skills, specifically framing a sentence.


Believe me, readers reading books can be very helpful in order to learn and check sentence formation. A lot of readers might think that how can reading books teach us speaking English. Reading books can help you to understand: 

  • How to frame simple and complex sentences?
  • Usage of correct grammar rules to be used while framing sentences.
  • And, it will also increase your knowledge on a particular subject.

 Practice writing:

A lot of people might be wondering, how can writing English help me to improve speaking skills. Take a random topic start writing your thoughts on that topic now try to speak in front of a mirror. This will help you to express your thoughts and gain confidence.

  • Watch videos of native speakers:

One should start watching videos of English native speakers. As the more, you would listen the more you will find speaking easy. It provides the examples English used in real life situations and it also helps to expressions used in daily life. So, readers start watching such videos to get the natural flow of the language.

  • Practice the dialogues of your favorite movie:

Do not get confused here I am not asking you to practice your favorite dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan. Instead, start practicing the dialogues of your favorite English movie or pick the sentences from the videos of native speakers that you watched earlier and start practicing them.

Practice speaking daily

Now after the above steps, we have understood different aspects of the language. So this is the time when we need to start practice speaking English regularly. As the more we practice the more we will learn this language.

                            “Don’t stop practicing, until you reach your goal.”

 But, now the question arises how do we practice that?

  • Start talking to your friends and family in English.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and start talking to yourself.
  • Start recording your voice in your phone, when you speak in English to yourself.

 Practice reading loudly:

Try this out; this is the best thing one can do to learn to speak any language.

Take the storybook or novel of your choice, but make sure it has to be in English. Now start reading the book loudly.

Wondering why?

Firstly it will give you an idea of sentence formation and secondly it will give you a chance to increase your vocabulary.

So readers what are you waiting for now? Grab the required tools and start practicing.

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