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Origination of English Language

Nowadays, English, as a language, has expanded its branches all over the world and to almost every aspect of human life: be it the workplace, schools, colleges or even to local life. This language has become a backbone of the well-groomed personality.

But, ever have we wondered, where did it come from or how did it originate? Before, learning any language, we should be aware of its history and history of English language is quite critical. It is a West – Germanic language, which was brought to Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers in the 5th century. Then, it went through the phase of Renaissance, (which means a revival of art) from Latin and Ancient Greek including certain modifications from European languages.

And, then we landed up to Jacobean Era after the huge modifications in the globally accepted language. This era started from the 17th century, witnessed the period of beautiful English and Scottish dramas.

This era gave birth to the world-famous writer of English literature “William Shakespeare”, whose writings are still alive in the hearts of literature lovers. This period also witnessed the works by John Webster, Thomas Middleton, and John Donne.


In India, this language took birth during the period of British Colonization. Initially, this was the language of aristocracy and gradually it became the official tool of the administration. And, till the independence, it was used Pan-India. After a lot of opposition, Hindi became the mother tongue but English achieved the status of official language in India.

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