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A Pattern of OET Test

Recently OET has been accepted in the countries like the UK, Ireland, and Ukraine and many people are contacting the best institute for OET Coaching in Delhi that is Seek Academy which provides the best training for the OET and IELTS to the candidates preparing for that.

How is this exam conducted?

The OET is a medical English test which is offered for 12 healthcare professions in some countries (e.g. Australia and New Zealand).This signifies that the people in few countries opt for any profession related to medical field.

However, in the UK and Ireland, only nurses and doctors can use OET as the proof of their competency of English language at the time of registering themselves as a healthcare professional in above-mentioned countries.

There are majorly 12 tests available for 12 professions in OET and the test should be thought as one test with different variations. Reading and listening tests are same for all the professions


Reading and listening test

Everyone is supposed to read the text of a general nature in the medical field. The same is true for the listening. The dialogues (Listening A) and short talks in (listening B) all relate to the medical professions.

What does this mean for all the professions?

  1.  The candidates must read about the current medical based books on current   affairs to enhance the reading speed and try to score the best results by   answering the correct questions.
  2. Any course which is relevant for other professions covers Reading and listening practice.


Speaking test is conducted profession specific, so doctors nurses all need to perform a role play attending patients or dealing with other situations which often come across these professions.

Since the role plays are quite profession specific, the communication strategies used are often similar.

For example:

  1. Asking information
  2. Providing suggestions
  3. Giving advice

Role plays generally follow the flow of conversation and ask for the reason of the conversation.

Writing subtest

 The writing subtest is the writing of a letter which is profession specific.

  • One needs to extract the information from the case notes.
  • One letter must be written on 180-200 words.
  • One must use appropriate language you are writing to.
  • One must use clear and concise language when writing the letter to convey the meaning precisely.

 Any course or practice materials which are authentic must be used to prepare for the training so that you could understand the format and perform up to the task requirement.

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