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OET Preparation Guide for Physiotherapists

Hey Candidate! Are you planning to attempt OET this year? Is it your first attempt in OET Physiotherapist? Well, then you should know about some ways to prepare for the exam as per the structure and format of the OET.


For OET preparation, it is quite obvious that candidates take OET Coaching because ultimately the experts are experienced and skilled to guide you towards achieving your goal. And, Seek Academy is one such OET Coaching Institute in Delhi that provides their candidates with the best k=of knowledge and training to qualify their OET exam in one go.

Therefore, let’s begin with discussing the major strategies that you can implement while preparing for the OET Physiotherapist exam. 

  1. Analyze your Performance Level

 Yes, you have to analyze your performance level before you begin with the preparation part like what’s your present score in Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking in English. Apart from the language, how you speak, the pronunciation of words, fluency, writing style and most importantly, how much you are aware of the Healthcare terminologies.

Once you assess your own performance in the OET English Test, then you will be able to score higher in your OET Physiotherapy exam without stressing too much.

  1. Remain Updates about Latest Criteria

OET for Physiotherapy is coming up with lots of amendments these days. The pattern or structure has changed a lot. Whether it’s speaking, reading, writing or listening section, the criteria has some changes that you need to know to prepare for the exam in accordance with it. Furthermore, if you remain updated about the latest assessment criteria, then you can improve the weaker sections of your English language test.  

  1. Have a Realistic Approach

The preparation for the OET exam specifically for Physiotherapy should be prepared while keeping in mind the ultimate goal. If you are genuinely looking for a career in Physiotherapy in a foreign country, then please start preparing from today onwards without any delay. If you will prepare in aright manner with an optimistic attitude only then you can qualify your exam and will get desired opportunities. Therefore, have a realistic approach and start preparing for your OET exam well in advance.

  1. Required Times

At least 3 to 4 hours every day is must to prepare for your OET Physiotherapy exam. Star practicing the sample test papers to know more about your current score evaluate it and then improve the weaker areas. You should know where you are committing error or mistake so that it will never happen again. Even if you make mistake in preparation, it’s absolutely fine but make sure become proficient in it.

To conclude, these are the essential tips that you need to know while preparing for OET Physiotherapy exam. Stay updated with the latest exam patterns, enhance your vocabulary for healthcare terminologies, start practicing the modules or sample test papers, you will surely qualify your OET exam without any worry.

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