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6 Quick Tips to Describe an Image in PTE Speaking Test

In the PTE speaking test, the examiners will assess your speaking skills i.e. fluency, pronunciation and grammar comprehensively.

Now, there are different tasks assigned even in the PTE Speaking Test and one of them is to describe an image. The majority of test takers are worried when they have to explicitly describe an entire image within a set time frame.


As the candidates aren’t aware of the correct techniques in this specific task, therefore they usually commit mistakes and errors while explaining. The candidate will be provided with 25 seconds to analyse the image and then 40 minutes to explain the significant and highlighting pointers, which appropriately describe that image.

To describe an image without taking any irrelevant pause, here are some of the quick tips that you can implement to score higher in your speaking test.

  1. When you are allotted with the initial 25 seconds to study the image, then it’s imperative to identify all the essential elements present in that picture, specifically the ones you are going to talk about further.

  2. There must be some keywords mentioned in the picture already. Yes, make sure that you mention those keywords in the sentence formation to score higher.

  3. While expressing your thoughts (which is highly appreciated) just ensure that you use the right fillers or phrases such as “After looking closely at this picture, I can say that...”, “Moreover, this picture also explains...”, “Apart from that, it’s clearly visible in the image...” and so forth. However, avoid using the slangs and pauses as it can negatively impact your speaking test scorecard.

  4. If you use complicated words and frame long sentences, then chances are you might lose marks in your speaking test. Hence, it’s advised that don’t use tricky phrases or complicated vocabulary as it will directly impact your scores in fluency and pronunciation.

  5. Even if you are speaking till 30 to 35 minutes and explaining every single keyword with utmost clarity, then it’s absolutely fine. There’s no compulsion to speak until 40 seconds but ascertain that you covered everything significant in it.

  6. Just like adverbs and conjunctions are necessary to frame sentences, in the same manner, you should know the correct way to conclude. You can even use the concluding remarks such as ‘To conclude’, ‘Finally’, ‘To sum up’ and suchlike.

 Follow these amazing quick tips to describe the image in your PTE speaking test and you will definitely score higher without any disappointment. After you are done with the image description, the test score is assessed on the basis of your fluency, pronunciation and most importantly, content structure. Just speak fluently about the image that’s visible on the screen to get a good score.

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