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Spelling Tricks for English Language Learners

Every time I write in English….I ends up making spelling mistakes.

Do you also face the same problem?

Walla! Here is the solution

Every language has 4 aspects: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Similarly, English is also divided into 4 aspects. When it comes to writing in English, people face hard time.The English language has many different ways to spell the same sound and many different ways to pronounce the same spelling. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for writers to spell all the words correctly.

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As it is said:

             “English is a tricky language”


In this article, we are going to learn certain easy tips and tricks to improve our English and avoid spelling mistakes:

  1. Learn commonly misspelled words 

Some words are really tough to learn that even native speakers sometimes get them wrong too.

For example:

And so on…

  1. Check word origins in the dictionary

Many words in English language have originated from other languages and understanding their roots can prove really helpful in leaning the new words and increasing your vocabulary treasure. 

For example:


The word panic is the name of Ancient Greek goat-god Pan, who spread terror among the nymphs.

  1. Learn Suffixes

Adding a suffix to a word often changes the spelling of the stem of the word.

Learning common prefixes and suffixes can also be helpful in order to understand and increasing the lexical resources.

For example:

Vowel suffix


Consonant suffix

  1. Make your own notes of the words you have trouble spelling

 Make sure to jot down all the words that you think you misspell quite often.

 For example: 

  • You might use conscious while speaking but when it comes to writing, you might spell it wrong.
  1. Read and write 

Today everybody wants to focus on speaking English, after all this is the most important thing one needs for bright career. But, we always forget that writing English correctly is also equally important because when it comes to your job, your Boss might ask you to write an E-mail and what if you write all wrong, loaded of spelling mistakes?

  1. Do you love playing games?

Oh great! Even I love too

But mind it you are not supposed to play series of your favorite game, instead start playing word puzzles or crosswords to boost your vocabulary and learn correct spellings of different words.

So, readers, what are you waiting for? Get a Newspaper and look for the crossword.

Learning is a continuous process. We should keep on learning new words phrases and

Their correct spellings and usage. We should make use of all the resources available in our daily life to learn correct spellings.

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