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What is the format of the OET exam?

What is the OET exam?  

The Occupational English Test, otherwise called OET, is the English language test for healthcare. It surveys the language relational abilities of human services experts who wish to enlist and practice in an English talking condition. One of the best ways to clear your OET exam you will visit Seek Academy.


OET is accessible for the accompanying 12 departments: dentistry, dietetics, medication, and nursing, word related treatment, optometry, drug pharmacist physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, discourse pathology, and veterinary science. 

Human services experts who are hoping to work in the medicinal services division in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, and Singapore are required to show up for their OET (Occupational English Test) to build up their capability in the English Language in a healthcare department. For the possibility to have the option to score well in their OET test adequately, they would be required to know the OET Syllabus/OET Exam Pattern. Directed by Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA), 

What is the format of the OET exam?   

OET gives a substantial and dependable appraisal of each of the four language abilities Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, with an accentuation on correspondence in medical and health proficient settings. 

OET involves four sub-tests:  

  • Listening (approximately 45 minutes)
  • Reading (60 minutes)
  • Writing (45 minutes)
  • Speaking (approximately 20 minutes) 


Applicants are required to exhibit that they can pursue and comprehend a scope of health-related spoken materials, for example, tolerant discussions and talks.


Competitors are required to exhibit that they can read and comprehend various kinds of content on health-related subjects or health-related blogs, stories, etc.


The task composes a letter, usually a referral letter. At times, particularly for specific callings, an alternate type of letter is required for example, a letter of move or release, or a letter to exhort or advise a patient, or team. 


The Speaking sub-test is conveyed exclusively, and the competitor takes in two pretends. In every pretend, the applicant plays their expert job (for instance, as an attendant or as a drug pharmacist) while the questioner plays a patient, a customer, or a patient's family member. For veterinary science, the conversationalist is the proprietor or family of the animal. 

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How many questions are there in PTE?

Test goes in this way

Question: Time to Reading the Text Prompt, The duration of every prompt you receive fluctuates depending on the length of the text. The length is measurable in sentences or words. You want to be busy in such a part. 

Prepare for Answer: Time allowed relaxing and thinking, you do not need to answer this question. You receive 10 to 15 minutes to get ready for each segment. About the best way best to answer, you should relax and think.


Time for Action: This could be the time duration where you have to perform. When you write, the replies are listed once you speak, stored as text, and selected in options multiple-choice questions. 

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Speaking & Writing 

Summaries paragraphs that were given, answer questions, and candidates are asked to repeat sentences. On the screen, the applicants can observe a box that is recording, and following a beep or tone, they are requested to speak immediately. 


The Reading department assesses candidates' reading abilities. Evaluation takers run into a group of guidelines to follow along, after which they can answer consequently. 


The listening segment comprises of inquiries fixated on audio. Part 3rd one comprises of inquiries that are founded on a video or sound clasps. Applicants get the opportunity to hear every video or sound clasp just once and are permitted to take notes to allude to. 

Question pattern 

  • Read Aloud (6 - 7 Questions)
  • Repeat Sentence (8 - 10 Questions)
  • Describe Image (6 - 8 Questions)
  • Re-tell Lecture (2 - 3 Questions)
  • Answer Short Question (10 - 12 Questions)
  • Summarize Written Text (2 - 3 Items)
  • Write Essay (1 - 2 Items)
  • Reading Question Types:
  • Multiple-choice, Single Answer (2 - 3 Items)
  • Multiple-choice, Multiple Answers (2 - 3 Items)
  • Re-order Paragraphs (4 - 5 Items)
  • Reading Fill in the Blanks (4 - 5 Items)
  • Reading & Writing Fill in the Blanks (5 - 6 Items)
  • Listening Question Types:
  • Summarize Spoken Text (2 – 3 items)
  • Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers (2 – 3 items)
  • Fill in the Blanks (2 – 3 items)
  • Highlight Correct Summary (2 – 3 items)
  • Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer (2 – 3 items)
  • Select Missing Word (2 - 3 items)
  • Highlight Incorrect Words (2 - 3 items)
  • Write from Dictation (3 - 4 items)

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Advantages of IELTS

You may secure a certification that is widely recognized. By taking an IELTS evaluation, you're going to get a test report that's accepted and recognized by tens of thousands of associations across the world, including universities, companies, professional bodies, and federal government bureaus. 

  1. Understanding of your English skills

The standards utilized by the examiners to mark your English writing and speaking abilities are strict for all of the various English tests. The result you receive will be a true manifestation of your English language proficiency.

  1. Needed for measures and phases for moving abroad 

Obtaining successfully taken the IELTS test, you can apply to examine many foreign educational institutions, schools, employers, immigration government, and professional bodies that recognize and also have with this particular English language evaluation in their admission requirements. By taking the IELTS Exam, you will be employing Language comprehension as though you had been in an everyday situation using English native speakers.


The IELTS is intended to examine various English language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, including a live dialog with an evaluator, which disturbs you for real-life conditions, while it would always be to talk with your worldwide colleagues in school, to your clients on the job or even throughout a trip overseas.

  1. You will obtain a much better understanding of this English which you Will Need 

Some pupils often favor specific skills with others. After you require an IELTS Preparation in Delhi, you are analyzed in a variety of abilities, which will be, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, which means you will need to practice them all if you want to prosper.

  1. Recognized Globally

 More associations and coaching centers across the globe and Significantly more than 135 countries accept IELTS as proof one is capable of communicating within the English language. So, countries are expanded over and above by its reputation is a fantastic test of proficiency.

  1. You will be motivated to research harder! because You Are Going to possess an Aim

 For those who have no clear aims and objectives, it is effortless to put off studying for yet another afternoon. Taking an IELTS exam gives you the determination to research hard and enhance your English. If you require the IELTS Academic Test, you also will grow more acquainted with the kind of speech needed for undergraduate or postgraduate study in English. 

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How do I Crack the OET Exam in the First Attempt?

The acronym of OET stands for Occupational English Test. This name may be unknown to most of you, but, it has the similar identity with IELTS. The OET may be unknown to the general public, but as the name implies, it is necessary for those who are willing to go to abroad to join any further studies, and job in healthcare.            


OET helps you develop language skills so that you can give the best healthcare service. So, if you are willing to prepare for OET, you must join the best OET Training in Delhi. Seek Academy offers you the best guidance in language skills examinations is it IELTS, OET, and PTE.

Why you need this exam test?

This exam is accepted as an English level accreditation in Australia, New Zealand and in England. In Australia it serves you both to enroll as a nurse in AHPRA, and as a visa, in the UK at the moment it only serves to register with the NMC what is the nursing school that gives you your PIN number, license to work as a nurse.OET was specially developed for twelve medical professions, including nursing.

The exam is done every month in different cities around the world. Payment can be made online, but the price is quite expensive. If you take this as an investment for future, do not waste any more time. Come to Seek Academy, the professional and affordable OET Coaching in Delhi.

How to crack in first attempt?

Listening - Many candidates find listening a challenge as it is quite fast. Also the Australian accent can be difficult to understand, try to listen to podcasts about health, and do the same, take notes, and write the words you do not understand at the same time you hear. You have to prepare the exam in time to be able to increase your English vocabulary.

Writing - The Writing part is different for each medical profession since it is a referral letter. Become familiar with the structure of these cards. The letter must have between 180 or 200 words; this means that you have to choose one of the most relevant facts of the Case Notes. You have to express yourself clearly and concisely.

Speaking - 2 role plays of 5 minutes in which your communication ability is evaluated in a common medical situation. You have five tasks to perform during the role play. You must be able to use common strategies such as asking for information, giving advice, making recommendations, confirming information and empathizing.

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Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi one can look out for

Introduction about IELTS Exams:

To begin the discussions about IELTS Coaching and Training, you first need to clear your conception about the IELTS exams, which stands for International English language Testing System. It is a widely accepted (accepted by over 9000 organizations) international standard test for judging the English language proficiency of  native Non  English speaker candidate who wants to settle in a country for study or work purposes where English is the primary language for communication. Last year, over 2 million candidates attempted for the IELTS Exam throughout the world.


What is the Coaching Scenario in Delhi?

Delhi is a place where a student can prepare for IELTS exam in a very low cost for its competitive atmosphere combined with good infrastructure. There is a number of IELTS Institute in Delhi which trains the candidates for the IELTS exams. Some of the coaching centers like Seek Academy also conduct online courses, so apart from attending their classes; you can give your extra effort by preparing through their online classes.

What do you learn in an IELTS Coaching?

The IELTS Coaching Centers in West Delhi is Seek Academy that teaches a lot of skills to their candidates, like teaching examination skills and techniques, conduct regular mock tests to check the preparation, make the candidates know about the test format and train themselves to complete a paper within the given time. We also optimize the potential of the candidates and gives individual attention to each student for attending each and every sections of a test.

The Best Coaching centers for IELTS Exam:

The Coaching Centers in Delhi are very much practical in approach. That is why Delhi is a good place for preparing for IELTS exams. Our institute covers all kind of sections important for the exams, like Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. There are also special provisions for students whose English speaking abilities are not that strong. There are a large number of coaching centers which have made their name as the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi.

There are ample centers for IELTS Coaching in Tilak Nagar too, which have made a name of their own among others. These centers ensure that you score well in your IELTS Exam and settle in a foreign country for study and work purpose.You just need to enroll yourself to a center like Seek Academy which suits your time and budget.

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How to Score in PTE Writing Essay Vocabulary Task

In the PTE writing task, vocabulary is an essential requirement. You will be provided with 20 minutes only to write an impressive essay. To impress the examiner, you have to make sure that while writing expressions, structure and vocabulary matters a lot.

Many times, you have to write the primary statement in the essay to validate your opinion or point of view and for that vocabulary should be accurate. To write the same statement without modifying its meaning but expressing the same emotions can only be done through strong vocabulary!


To score higher in your PTE essay writing task, you should know about the right linking words to make your essay readable and coherent in structure for the examiner. The examiner expects from the candidates good and bit of unusual vocabulary, which manifests the clarity in writing along with the diversity.

Now, to get 6 out of 6 in PTE essay writing task, first of all, it is essential to know how examiner evaluates your performance in the essay writing task. Here is the insight!

  1. Content is for 3 points.
  2. There is a word limit of 200 to 300, which is a basic requirement as per the rules is for 2 points.
  3. Grammar Part is for 2 points.
  4. Coherence and structure for 2 points.
  5. Range in linguistics for 2 points.
  6. Spelling for 2 points.
  7. Diversity in vocabulary is again for 2 points.

Now, you must be aware about the scoring pattern in PTE writing task, thus here are some of the valuable tips that what the requirements in the vocabulary section are!

Range in Linguistic

As you are planning to give PTE exam, then expectedly you must be preparing for it too, right? Well, in your preparation schedule, please make sure that you start writing essays on different topics to convey your views and opinions precisely.

You have to practice to give more emphasis on ideas and expressions. Without making any uncertainty, you should know how you will express your opinion in the essay.  

Range in Vocabulary

Well, as this entire blog is about vocabulary, then you must not forget to prepare for the vocabulary part. The linguistic is used to focus on the expressions and emotions. On the other hand, vocabulary in writing is used to say things but in a different language.

To master the vocabulary, learn to use the formal as well informal style and juggle in between both!


Perfect spelling is always expected from the PTE candidates. Even if unintentionally you misspell the word, then it will cost you 2 points. Therefore, don’t just learn new words but also make sure how to write it without any misspellings.

So, these are the valuable tips to score 6 out of 6 in the PTE essay writing vocabulary part. If you are looking for a coaching institute to join for PTE preparation, then you must get in touch with the experts of Seek Academy.

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Common Questions and Topics of IELTS Speaking Test 1

In the IELTS speaking test 1, the candidate has to appear for a face to face interview with the examiner. This entire process of the interview will take about four to five minutes in which there are 12 questions based on 3 topics.


Of course, part one of the IELTS Speaking Test is quite difficult as candidates hesitate to converse fluently with the examiner. However, you have to prepare for that interview session in advance because the examiner can ask any question that can be related to your life, country, job etc.

To make your IELTS Speaking Part 1 session with the examiner easier, below is the list of topics and questions that you can expect from the examiner.

First of all, look at the list of common topics –

  • Family and Friends
  • Life
  • Hobbies
  • Daily Routine
  • Birthdays
  • Work Life
  • Study
  • Hometown
  • Childhood
  • Weather
  • Reading

 Now, let’s discuss in detail about the most common topics and questions that you should prepare for it for your final IELTS exam.

Daily Routine

  1. At what time do you usually get up in the morning?
  2. What’s an important part of your Daily Routine?
  3. What is your daily routine?
  4. What are your views regarding the daily routine?
  5. Do you ever feel that you need to change your daily routine?


  1. Why did you choose this job?
  2. What kind of roles and responsibilities do you handle on the job?
  3. If you get a good opportunity to change your job, then would you like to change it?
  4. What are your future plans and what do you expect from your job?
  5. Do you cooperate with your colleagues?


  1. Where do you put up?
  2. Do you live in a house or a flat?
  3. How many rooms are there in your home and which room is your favorite?
  4. What’s your neighborhood being like?
  5. What is your future plan related to your home like any plans for shifting or renovating it entirely?


  1. Do you keep a pocket dictionary always?
  2. What kind of dictionaries is beneficial?
  3. For learning a language, do you think that dictionaries will be helpful?
  4. What type of information you usually search in the dictionary?

 Family and Friends  

  1. How much time do you spend with your family?
  2. Who you are close to in your family?
  3. Would you prefer to spend time with your family or friends?
  4. Who is your best friend and why do call him/her your best friend?
  5. Are you still friends with people from your childhood?

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