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IELTS Reading Test : Best Coaching Center for IELTS in West Delhi

The Reading test of the IELTS assess the test takers English Reading Skills. Dont get panicked students. You dont need any speialised information on the particular subject matter. The Ielts Reading will Test your language skills not knowledge.

 Before you strart answering the questions

  • Make sure that you read for getting specific information not to understand the text ,so read first two questions and then see the passage to locate the answer.
  • Look at the text quickly and identify the main idea of the passage.Read the title properly.
  • Go through the instructions properly before attempting the questions.Underline the key words of the question.
  • Skim and scan the text appropriately to get its general structure and understand the information given in the passage .
  • Scan the paragraph to locate the answer
  • Be sure that you have understood the question properly.
  • You must write the answer directly onto the answer sheet.You will not be given extra time at the end.

Answering the questions

  • Be familiar with different types of questions asked and to answer them appropriately (e.g. Multiple choice ,True False,Not given summary complletion etc.)
  • Practice Practice and Practice to locate the answers of the questions.Plan your own strategy to attempt different tpes of questions .
  • Make the difference of No/False and Nt given clear for correct response.
  • Matching Headings ---Use the topic sentence extensivel to answer these types of questions .
  • Summary Completion --Be sure of number of words alloewd to answer these types of questions .
  • Understand synonyms given in the questions to locate the answer from the text.
  • Adhere to the timings suggested for each text (20 minutes)for each section to avoid any shortage at the end.
  • If you are unable to find the answer of any question ---Move on .Dont waste time on finding only the answer as all answers carry equal marks.
  • Transfer your answers simultaneusly to avoid any mistake in the end.

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