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A Pattern of OET Test

Recently OET has been accepted in the countries like the UK, Ireland, and Ukraine and many people are contacting the best institute for OET Coaching in Delhi that is Seek Academy which provides the best training for the OET and IELTS to the candidates preparing for that.

How is this exam conducted?

The OET is a medical English test which is offered for 12 healthcare professions in some countries (e.g. Australia and New Zealand).This signifies that the people in few countries opt for any profession related to medical field.

However, in the UK and Ireland, only nurses and doctors can use OET as the proof of their competency of English language at the time of registering themselves as a healthcare professional in above-mentioned countries.

There are majorly 12 tests available for 12 professions in OET and the test should be thought as one test with different variations. Reading and listening tests are same for all the professions


Reading and listening test

Everyone is supposed to read the text of a general nature in the medical field. The same is true for the listening. The dialogues (Listening A) and short talks in (listening B) all relate to the medical professions.

What does this mean for all the professions?

  1.  The candidates must read about the current medical based books on current   affairs to enhance the reading speed and try to score the best results by   answering the correct questions.
  2. Any course which is relevant for other professions covers Reading and listening practice.


Speaking test is conducted profession specific, so doctors nurses all need to perform a role play attending patients or dealing with other situations which often come across these professions.

Since the role plays are quite profession specific, the communication strategies used are often similar.

For example:

  1. Asking information
  2. Providing suggestions
  3. Giving advice

Role plays generally follow the flow of conversation and ask for the reason of the conversation.

Writing subtest

 The writing subtest is the writing of a letter which is profession specific.

  • One needs to extract the information from the case notes.
  • One letter must be written on 180-200 words.
  • One must use appropriate language you are writing to.
  • One must use clear and concise language when writing the letter to convey the meaning precisely.

 Any course or practice materials which are authentic must be used to prepare for the training so that you could understand the format and perform up to the task requirement.

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Origination of English Language

Nowadays, English, as a language, has expanded its branches all over the world and to almost every aspect of human life: be it the workplace, schools, colleges or even to local life. This language has become a backbone of the well-groomed personality.

But, ever have we wondered, where did it come from or how did it originate? Before, learning any language, we should be aware of its history and history of English language is quite critical. It is a West – Germanic language, which was brought to Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers in the 5th century. Then, it went through the phase of Renaissance, (which means a revival of art) from Latin and Ancient Greek including certain modifications from European languages.

And, then we landed up to Jacobean Era after the huge modifications in the globally accepted language. This era started from the 17th century, witnessed the period of beautiful English and Scottish dramas.

This era gave birth to the world-famous writer of English literature “William Shakespeare”, whose writings are still alive in the hearts of literature lovers. This period also witnessed the works by John Webster, Thomas Middleton, and John Donne.


In India, this language took birth during the period of British Colonization. Initially, this was the language of aristocracy and gradually it became the official tool of the administration. And, till the independence, it was used Pan-India. After a lot of opposition, Hindi became the mother tongue but English achieved the status of official language in India.

In the modern times, demand of fluent English speaking people has increased. In order to meet the demand and dream of your bright career. Seek Academy is the Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi offers the session with experienced teachers who are well versed in English to cater the demands of candidates. We offer systematic syllabus to review your capabilities and enhance your English language skills.

AS we believe in optimistic attitude, here we provide you an environment to grow, to develop, to learn and to assess your knowledge on the basis of Receptive: (listening & reading) and productive (speaking & writing) skills in the English language.

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IELTS Course for professionals

IELTS is the primary requirement to apply for PR or student visa. All the professionals who apply for the PR need to appear for the IELTS test. There is a particular band score requirement which is possible to achieve but with the busy schedule, it becomes at times quite challenging for the professionals to practice the four skills which are required to indicate your English proficiency level.

Our institute provides IELTS course for professionals for weekend sessions to help the professionals to study and practice at least 8 hours on weekends. Our expertise and focus remain to provide the candidates the best results in a 1st attempt only.

Seek Academy works as a facilitator and helps the candidates to score the desired bands in 1st attempt. Scoring the bands is possible but scoring that in the first attempt can be quite challenging for the busy professionals. We are providing intensive training sessions to help our candidates to score the desired results by providing the tips and tricks which are required to locate the answers in the different modules. 

The material which is made specially to meet the requirements of the students by our team of expert British council trained faculty members to help the candidates practice different modules in the class as well as at their home too. Ample of study material is given to the candidates to practice if they miss any session then the time flexibility is provided so that they can schedule their timings accordingly.


We train students to write well since the professionals are not in practice of writing good because they usually don’t get the chance to write much and if they get they mostly use their computer systems where they have the spell check and grammar check available to facilitate them with an error if it takes place.

The writing part in IELTS task 2 becomes quite difficult for the candidates but we help them by providing the relevant and topic-based vocabulary so that they can incorporate those words in their essay and can score well in the parameter of lexical resources.

The other idea is to provide enough of the content to help them to think from a different angle and discussing major social issues and providing them the conclusion. Our team of expert trainers at Seek Academy helps the candidates by giving them one to one feedback considering their individual strengths and weaknesses.

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most valuable decisions in anyone’s life. A person who chooses to study abroad can change his life into most wonderful experience. You get so many other opportunities with just one single decision which can be a dream come true for many. If we talk about Indian education system, we have top universities and colleges, large number of courses, great campuses, lots of theoretical knowledge etc. But when we look to some other countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Europe they have different education system and lots of exceptional qualities for local as well as international students.

We are also provide various information about the benefits of study abroad. You should visit our website or contact with us. Our staff will resolve all your queries. 

Students who choose to study abroad, they shall consider various factor before making their choice for country where they will study, course, leaving their mother land, staying away from family etc. If students consider and are mentally prepared for such a life changing decision then they should start executing their dreams into reality which will make their life easy in a different country. When we talk of studying abroad there are many things which come in our mind: what to study, suitable country, budget/expenses, how the education will be, how I will get treated by international people and what not.

Let’s discuss about various benefits of studying abroad. When you decide to study abroad you, it comes to you with various good things and huge responsibility to build up your career. First of all this will help you to globalize yourself. You will have an option to choose from wide range of courses out which some course will give the feel of that country and language directly and some will gradually help you to know about the new place and culture with lots of help designed or international students.

 While studying abroad you also get a chance for international exposure which not only helps you to see the world around you but also gives a chance to be an independent person in your life. You will be staying away from your family and comfort zone so it will help you to become an independent person and handle all situations with lots of courage and intelligence.

When you decide to study in a different country you are introduced to a different education system. The way of teaching and learning are always different as compared to what you have been studying since your childhood. This can be interesting and challenging as well but all the universities or colleges who accept internationals students have various programs designed for them.

Seek Academy situated at Tilak Nagar, Delhi. We have one more branch at Kharar, Chandigarh.

Education system in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc is more focused on practical training rather than theoretical training. Number of training and internships are also in built in your course of study. There is one more advantage while studying abroad that students also get a chance to enhance their language skills. You are able to learn and immerse yourself into a different language and culture.

After completing your education you may also look for professional growth at the same place. Employers are always looking for those candidates who are ready to work always the best with or without pressure and who are ready to adapt new atmosphere easily. Experience in abroad can be life changing path for any one of us as we get a chance to work with people coming from environment, we face new challenges which may not happen in our home country.

Something’s students should take care when they make a choice of studying abroad because they are the only one in foreign land who will take care of them. So spending money shall be done in very sensible manner and students shall never be carried away with the surroundings if they really want to make their decision if studying abroad a life changing experience.

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Importance of the human resources

The human resources functioning is changing with the requirement of the time and with this major change the management skills and the functioning of the organizations is also changing.

The human resources at seek Hr consultancy now includes the training part and is considered to be an important part of the hiring procedure. There was a time when training was considered a wastage of time and resources .The efficiency of the workers in any organization reflects the work of the managers which is done on them to enhance their skills.

KEYWORDS: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Training, Induction, confirmatory factor analysis.

Seekhrsolutions actually provides the opportunity to increase the individual profile development activities in the organization and to increase the commitment level of the employees and growth in quality movement and to keep it in notice the senior team is increasing its role in managing the resources well which they already occupy.

Training is now considered as an important tool of HR solutions and the helps to control the attrition rate in the organization and also helps in motivating employees, achieving their professional and personal goals and increasing the level of job satisfaction.

It is very important to identify training competencies in communicating with the different needs of the organization which also helps to evolve and implement the performance of the employees to the organization.

our organisation is the Best HR Consultancy in Delhi.

Knowledge is quite essential and important tool for the best output from the the best strategy must be planned to work out the knowhow of the organization and effective and efficient tools must be implemented to measure the flawless performance of the employees.


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The IELTS listening guide: Seek Academy

The listening test can cause ample of reasons for students to practice it rigourously.The students are required to understand the accent and focus to follow the pace .The listening test requires candidates to be focused and maintain he flow while answering the questions.

The challenges which might be faced by the candidates could be the following:

  1. The audio is played only once and at times it gets challenging to follow the pace.
  2. The intensity of the passages gets difficult as we progress in the test. Like the questions from 1-14 will be easy then 15 to 27 is difficult and 28to 40 are very difficult.
  3. There can be many questions which a student would be familiar with but can be many which would be difficult to understand and answer.
  4. The candidate must practice the questions well and develop the habit of predicting the answers.
  5. There are a range of questions which one must practice extremely well to score the best bands in listening test.

There are certain key strategies which one has to implement to understand the technique to answer these questions perfectly.

Seek Academy provides the best audio sessions to with the timely practice sessions to help the candidates to score the maximum output, and also we are the best IELTS Institute in West Delhi. The listening test is the most scoring test and it can increase the overall average of the candidates and you can increase your band scores.

Undoubtedly People who understand this language perfectly can   score easily but it not impossible for the average users also. This skill can be upgraded with consistent listening practice and can be helpful to score the best in listening test. Keep upgrading your skills to score the best of the result and have the desired achievements.


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Spoken English classes in West Delhi : Seek Academy

Looking for the English Classes which is giving amazing results with an affordable price??

So your search finishes here, because Seek academy provides the best training for English which gives you the shine in your objectives and you will get success in your path. We will provide you the right track in which you will learn so many things like the four modules of ENGLISH CLASSES, which are, reading, listening, writing and speaking skills we also provide the high skills in your personality.


We give the special training for homemakers.

We provide vacation and evening batches.

Smart classes: we believe in smart learning like we provide video clips, audio clips, and eBooks.

We do the general discussions on the daily basis activities. We engage the learners in all the activities so that they can freely think on their topics. We have the great teaching quality our institute which makes Seek Academy as the best institute for ENGLISH CLASSES in New Delhi; that provides learning with the great value of pack. We have the successful outcomes. We give attention to our learners as per their capabilities to deliver successful and get the amazing outcomes.

We provide the best training with the international culture and build your skills so high. We have so many methods to teach the learners in their way; so that you can get your goals. You can create your basic prototype of your presentation. Our institute is the best reputed institute in Delhi. We focus on training with the classy and different technique.

We have limited batches so that we can give our attention to each student individually. We have highly and well experienced teachers.

 We focus on learners with small batches with no timing issues, unique tool kit, and professional ENGLISH CLASSES trainers.

Connect with us so that we can get outstanding results. Our institute participates in student exhibitions and other seminars as well.

Our institute is the best institution for ENGLISH CLASSES in New Delhi. Our well qualified teachers teach in a way of unique and proper guidance for ENGLISH CLASSES. They also give attention on small class jobs so that students can clear their concepts.

Delhi is the capital of India, it is the hub of institutes and we provide you the new technique of coaching classes with small batches and the flexible timing zone, by our professional ENGLISH CLASSES trainers.

Students are provided with qualified and experienced teachers. When students will be provided with Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in West Delhi established its name as the top rated academies for international education services and has set its goal by making students prepare for English their confidence will increase and their performance will also be increased, which will ensure higher marks and hence better future of the students.

English Classes,are designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication.

Students here get the best training for English and need not worry about anything else, as the technique of teaching by the Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in Delhi marks it easy to learn and comprehend in a reasonable fee. Students get jumbled as to where to go, Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in Delhi here provides with the solution.

A qualified and verified teacher here is perfect for Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in West Delhi for each student. Teachers teach students by using new techniques and the timings can be according to the students. Students will score high marks that is assured by the Spoken English Classes in West Delhi.

Students will be made to do lots and lots of practice of English papers so that in exams they don’t get worried by looking at the question, instead solves them with a calm mind. Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in West Delhi provides all the required facilities to the student in a very practical way.

Students usually get panic and attempt the paper without any facts but English coaching makes student understand the subject and then properly learn it as cramming won’t help and students as they have a tendency to forget the crammed things but not the ones which are properly learned and understood.

Excellent Coaching Centre for English Classes in West Delhi assures its students by proper education and giving an appropriate knowledge of the subject so that the student can score high marks and can have the better future.

We have a heritage to value the dreams of the aspirants with deep regards for your goals. Seek academy teaching methodologies, strategies, and training modules are devised with individual attention to each and every learner. So we keep the batch strength of low that takes the limited batches. Emphasis on personal interactions, individualized attention and compassionate handling are our hallmarks. We devise our methodologies accordingly to help the learners sail through the voyage to their dreams.

Our trainers are highly experienced and duly certified with in-depth counseling abilities, who keeps the learner’s moral high throughout their different training classes. We are conveniently in the happening city area in an academic ambience with latest infrastructure and no commuting hassles.

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