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Scoring High in PTE with these Quick and Simple Tips

Whether you want to pursue higher studies abroad or want to work, especially in academia, in foreign lands, PTE Academic Test is something which can be rightly called a smart choice. The first condition for both studying and working abroad is to have a sound knowledge of English language and most of the companies and academic institutions make it mandatory for the students to have a good score in PTE exam.

 PTE basically assesses the language skills of a person- reading, writing, speaking, and listening and are proof that the qualified individual can be granted admission in foreign universities and employed by companies.


Scoring High in PTE with Quick and Simple Tips

 According to those who have successfully cracked the exam, understanding the exam pattern and the skills that the test aims to analyze is important. The PTE test is divided into four main sections, that is, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These sections contain some simple and some complex questions, according to PTE experts, which the students can easily crack when they prepare for it well in advance. Opting for a good PTE Coaching Centres like Seek Academy before the commencement of exam is a good idea for all those who are determined to clear this toughest exam in the English language in their first go. The others are as mentioned below:

  1. Identifying the weak points and strong points during the PTE preparation is important and must not be undervalued. In Seek Academy, a leading PTE Institute in Delhi, the teachers emphasize on the fact that candidates should know the areas where they need to work harder and spend more time on rather than improving the strong areas further and further.
  1. The study material and mock tests should always be taken from the reliable and trusted sources. Many a time, candidates download lots of study material from the varied online sources which are not always relevant and correct. Therefore, the PTE practice tests and past year questions as provided by the Seek Academy should be trusted and utilized throughout the course of PTE preparation rather than wasting away all the crucial time in studying something irrelevant and useless material.
  1. There is a one thumb rule in PTE preparation that most of PTE Institutes abide by, that is, always set the target score higher by 10 points. The candidates should aim for a specific target in each section of the PTE Academic test slightly higher and prepare your mind accordingly. When we aim for higher, we achieve better. Similarly, if candidates aim for increased PTE score, they would definitely achieve the desired one.

This PTE is not an easy nut to crack because over 70% of candidates appeared in the exam is not able to crack it in their first three attempts, as suggested by various PTE Institutes in Delhi.

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Most common mistakes in PTE Speaking Exam

Ask PTE teachers training the students at some of the best PTE coaching in Delhi about the factors that lead to the failure in the speaking section of the Pearson Test of English Academic and you will get to know that the lack of confidence among the candidates is the main reason. Well, this is true as even the candidates who have a good command in writing and have commendable knowledge of English language and vocabulary at times fail to get a good score in PTE speaking section.


Common Mistakes in PTE Speaking Exam

And, this further shakes their confidence and faith and becomes a reason for their underperformance in the next PTE exam. Going by the opinion of the experts at Seek Academy, a leading PTE Institute in Delhi who themselves took the PTE exam once and obtained a high score, a majority of students appearing in PTE exam make the common mistakes as discussed below:

  1. Making plosive sounds to improve foreign accent: It’s a common misconception settled in the minds of Indian students that making plosive sounds and stressing unnecessarily during the utterance sounds like a native-like accent. On the contrary, it sounds more like an exaggerated version of native English-speaking practice. Therefore, candidates should speak as neatly and clearly as they can. The PTE speaking test is meant to check your overall command in English and not how native-like you can talk in English.

  2. Consider brisk talking speed a sign of verbal fluency: Well, speaking too fast is considered by a majority of India a good marker of compelling verbal fluency in English. In fact, it is being taught to the students in some of the best PTE coaching in Delhi to slow down while speaking English. Speaking too fast in English only makes one’s speech incomprehensible for the listeners while it can also create confusion for the speaker himself as he is more likely to jumble up the words and mess the sentences in a hurry to speak as fast as possible.

  3. Using filling words such as like and umm repeatedly give one time to speak coherently: Okay, now this is the mistake that many of us make in our day to day life. When we think about some idea or making up the sentences in English in our minds, we utter words such as hmm, umm, like, or something like that over and over again. During the PTE speaking section, this heavy usage of filling words can create real troubles for the candidate and will eventually result in poor PTE score.

    In the opinion of PTE experts at Seek Academy, the PTE institute in Delhi, the candidates should be very conscious of their situation, surroundings, and their language when they speak English because it’s a language proficiency test and not any informal occasion.

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IELTS Overview: Seek Academy

It is not difficult to find IELTS institute in Delhi but finding the best institute might not be easy to find. But don’t worry about this. For the best IELTS institute in Delhi visit Seek Academy.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English Exam for non-native speakers who wish to work or study in an English country like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK etc. It is a mandatory exam before applying for visa.

It has divided into two categories:

  • General: It is for the people applying for immigration purposes.
  • Academic: It is for the students who wish to study abroad.

Each of these modules has four sections: Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Our institute is a premier IELTS coaching center in Delhi which helps the students to score the desired bands as per their requirement.



Students looking for the best IELTS institute in Tilak Nagar, Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Subhash Nagar and other parts of the west and North regions of Delhi can trust  Seek Academy for their bright future.

Our specialties:

  • Free counseling
  • Free Demo class
  • Free study material
  • 15 days crash course available
  • Regular feedback
  • Well-equipped library facility
  • Well-maintained infrastructure
  • Flexible timings
  • British council trained faculty members
  • Free visa filing
  • Affordable fees
  • Ample practice time
  • College selection
  • Pre and post visa arrival facility
  • Statement of purpose

 We believe in result! You can score 7+ bands in IELTS because of our best method of teaching.

 Seek Academy is a one stop shop to accomplish your dream to study or work overseas. It is the best and popular IELTS institute in West Delhi.

  • Weekend batches for professionals
  • College/University selection for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK and USA
  • Medical Insurance
  • Visa Filing
  • Result oriented coaching

It is a difficult task for the aspirants to apply for visa if they have not taken advises from the consultant. Seek Academy provides free assistance of visa to its aspirants.

Before applying for visa, it is vital to have the required IELTS score in your hand.

IELTS has a level of difficulty and scoring. It is not that easy to clear without having a professional guidance. Our faculty members are well-experienced so that they can train students with the best approach.

We carefully select the best methods of training that help individuals in grasping concepts better without attempting multiple times.

We apply a clear cut approach that is helpful in understanding the concepts better to score better in IELTS.

From writing, oral to grammatically correct English, we support individuals to gain confidence while training for IELTS.

Our IELTS preparation course is specifically designed to help you prepare for this internationally recognized exam.  

How can we help you?

  • Our counselors are well experienced
  • They guide you about more than 300 universities
  • Expert guidance at every single step, from your forms to your fees
  • Visa assistance for overseas education
  • Pre and post arrival assistance facility

At Seek Academy, students are our priority. We understand that each student is different from other and has different requirements. To fulfill their requirements, we offer a wide range of choices that suit his requirements.

We have helped students convert their dreams into reality.  Our counselors have rich knowledge in the field of overseas education.

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Spelling Tricks for English Language Learners

Every time I write in English….I ends up making spelling mistakes.

Do you also face the same problem?

Walla! Here is the solution

Every language has 4 aspects: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Similarly, English is also divided into 4 aspects. When it comes to writing in English, people face hard time.The English language has many different ways to spell the same sound and many different ways to pronounce the same spelling. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for writers to spell all the words correctly.

Seek Academy, provide the best Spoken English Classes in Delhi and offers the variety of courses as per the requirement of candidate. Whether you want to learn English language from scratch or just want to improve fluency.

As it is said:

             “English is a tricky language”


In this article, we are going to learn certain easy tips and tricks to improve our English and avoid spelling mistakes:

  1. Learn commonly misspelled words 

Some words are really tough to learn that even native speakers sometimes get them wrong too.

For example:

And so on…

  1. Check word origins in the dictionary

Many words in English language have originated from other languages and understanding their roots can prove really helpful in leaning the new words and increasing your vocabulary treasure. 

For example:


The word panic is the name of Ancient Greek goat-god Pan, who spread terror among the nymphs.

  1. Learn Suffixes

Adding a suffix to a word often changes the spelling of the stem of the word.

Learning common prefixes and suffixes can also be helpful in order to understand and increasing the lexical resources.

For example:

Vowel suffix


Consonant suffix

  1. Make your own notes of the words you have trouble spelling

 Make sure to jot down all the words that you think you misspell quite often.

 For example: 

  • You might use conscious while speaking but when it comes to writing, you might spell it wrong.
  1. Read and write 

Today everybody wants to focus on speaking English, after all this is the most important thing one needs for bright career. But, we always forget that writing English correctly is also equally important because when it comes to your job, your Boss might ask you to write an E-mail and what if you write all wrong, loaded of spelling mistakes?

  1. Do you love playing games?

Oh great! Even I love too

But mind it you are not supposed to play series of your favorite game, instead start playing word puzzles or crosswords to boost your vocabulary and learn correct spellings of different words.

So, readers, what are you waiting for? Get a Newspaper and look for the crossword.

Learning is a continuous process. We should keep on learning new words phrases and

Their correct spellings and usage. We should make use of all the resources available in our daily life to learn correct spellings.

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IELTS Speaking test

What is the IELTS speaking test?

It is a test of how well you can communicate in spoken English. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. Always remember that they are simply judging you if you can open your mouth and communicate in English.

Seek Academy provides the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. Seek Academy is aspiring students and mentoring them to score the desired bands in each module of IELTS on regular basis. 


The IELTS speaking test has three parts:

Part 1- it is about yourself. The examiner will ask you very familiar, everyday questions about your life. This is about 4-5 minutes.

Part 2- You will be given a cue card and you will have 1-2 minutes to prepare your answer and you will be then asked to speak up for about 2 minutes.

Part 3- this is more abstract. Here you have an opportunity to discuss the issues brought up by the examiner. This is your opportunity to develop your answers. This will last 4-5 minutes.

Purpose of the IELTS Speaking Test:

It is extremely important to know the purpose of the IELTS speaking test. It is not a test of how many words you have memorized or how many big or fancy words you know. This test is not to speak in an American or British accent. This test is entirely based on how well you can communicate in spoken English.

You need to speak naturally. Make sure you relax and speak fluently. Do not make it more complicated.

Organize your ideas and justify your opinions.

Try to develop your answers and speak more than the examiner. There is no harm in asking for a clarification, if necessary. Do not be afraid to ask the examiner questions if you do not understand.

You will be assessed on your ability to communicate.

Be spontaneous and talk as fluently as possible.

Give full answers. Do not restrict yourself to ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Try to extend your answers with explanation and examples.

Our institute is growing an educational industry. Which provides the IELTS/PTE/OET/Spoken English Classes in Delhi and is known for its unique and comprehensive IELTS program.

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How to learn framing sentences?

In the world of globalization speaking English has become very important. A lot of people find writing in English much easier than speaking. The main reason behind this is when we have to write something, we have enough time to think and express our thoughts. I have a lot of students who are good in reading, writing, and understanding in English, but when they have to speak English, it is challenging for them. SEEK ACADEMY provides the best English coaching in Delhi provides the best and conclusive experience in learning English.


My dear readers today I am going to share simple and easy tricks to improve your communication skills, specifically framing a sentence.


Believe me, readers reading books can be very helpful in order to learn and check sentence formation. A lot of readers might think that how can reading books teach us speaking English. Reading books can help you to understand: 

  • How to frame simple and complex sentences?
  • Usage of correct grammar rules to be used while framing sentences.
  • And, it will also increase your knowledge on a particular subject.

 Practice writing:

A lot of people might be wondering, how can writing English help me to improve speaking skills. Take a random topic start writing your thoughts on that topic now try to speak in front of a mirror. This will help you to express your thoughts and gain confidence.

  • Watch videos of native speakers:

One should start watching videos of English native speakers. As the more, you would listen the more you will find speaking easy. It provides the examples English used in real life situations and it also helps to expressions used in daily life. So, readers start watching such videos to get the natural flow of the language.

  • Practice the dialogues of your favorite movie:

Do not get confused here I am not asking you to practice your favorite dialogue of Amitabh Bachchan. Instead, start practicing the dialogues of your favorite English movie or pick the sentences from the videos of native speakers that you watched earlier and start practicing them.

Practice speaking daily

Now after the above steps, we have understood different aspects of the language. So this is the time when we need to start practice speaking English regularly. As the more we practice the more we will learn this language.

                            “Don’t stop practicing, until you reach your goal.”

 But, now the question arises how do we practice that?

  • Start talking to your friends and family in English.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and start talking to yourself.
  • Start recording your voice in your phone, when you speak in English to yourself.

 Practice reading loudly:

Try this out; this is the best thing one can do to learn to speak any language.

Take the storybook or novel of your choice, but make sure it has to be in English. Now start reading the book loudly.

Wondering why?

Firstly it will give you an idea of sentence formation and secondly it will give you a chance to increase your vocabulary.

So readers what are you waiting for now? Grab the required tools and start practicing.

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A Pattern of OET Test

Recently OET has been accepted in the countries like the UK, Ireland, and Ukraine and many people are contacting the best institute for OET Coaching in Delhi that is Seek Academy which provides the best training for the OET and IELTS to the candidates preparing for that.

How is this exam conducted?

The OET is a medical English test which is offered for 12 healthcare professions in some countries (e.g. Australia and New Zealand).This signifies that the people in few countries opt for any profession related to medical field.

However, in the UK and Ireland, only nurses and doctors can use OET as the proof of their competency of English language at the time of registering themselves as a healthcare professional in above-mentioned countries.

There are majorly 12 tests available for 12 professions in OET and the test should be thought as one test with different variations. Reading and listening tests are same for all the professions


Reading and listening test

Everyone is supposed to read the text of a general nature in the medical field. The same is true for the listening. The dialogues (Listening A) and short talks in (listening B) all relate to the medical professions.

What does this mean for all the professions?

  1.  The candidates must read about the current medical based books on current   affairs to enhance the reading speed and try to score the best results by   answering the correct questions.
  2. Any course which is relevant for other professions covers Reading and listening practice.


Speaking test is conducted profession specific, so doctors nurses all need to perform a role play attending patients or dealing with other situations which often come across these professions.

Since the role plays are quite profession specific, the communication strategies used are often similar.

For example:

  1. Asking information
  2. Providing suggestions
  3. Giving advice

Role plays generally follow the flow of conversation and ask for the reason of the conversation.

Writing subtest

 The writing subtest is the writing of a letter which is profession specific.

  • One needs to extract the information from the case notes.
  • One letter must be written on 180-200 words.
  • One must use appropriate language you are writing to.
  • One must use clear and concise language when writing the letter to convey the meaning precisely.

 Any course or practice materials which are authentic must be used to prepare for the training so that you could understand the format and perform up to the task requirement.

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